[Teambuilding] Krishna

               Krishna     Divine Brave General, Krishna    Divine General of the Sun, Krishna    灼天の勇将神, Krishna

灼天の勇将神, Krishna



Thanks for taking a look at my second guide! I decided to do Krishna because sooner or later his evolution is going to come over the NA, and I want us all to be ready to play him! I hope that this guide will help you build a team and play Krishna when he comes to NA. Hopefully, I scheduled the guide so that it is finished the day Krishna arrives! Let’s hope I did it!

My last guide was a bit sloppy, and I did not have much consistency in formatting. This time, I’m trying to improve on some of my mistakes. I also have asked a few friends to help proofread my writing, as a lot of the time I am in a rush and will make mistakes. Thanks to Lightning650 for the help proofreading.

I also included JP cards inside, because I realized that there may be people that play JP that want to build a team as well :P. Hopefully this doesn’t cause any trouble for the NA only players.



Krishna is an Indian God that recently got his bankai evolution! With 2.25 HP, 45.56 ATK, and 2.25 RCV multipliers when paired with another Krishna, he has an extremely tanky playstyle, while also providing high damage. As a mono-color leader, Krishna teams can stack up orb enhance and rows/TPAs. This allows his team to reach high damage even with the somewhat “low” multiplier.

Here’s how his leader skill works. Fire cards will automatically gain 2.25 HP and 2.25 RCV when paired with another Krishna. This means that these stats will be more than doubled, allowing for stalling for skills. His ATK increases as you match more fire combos, starting from 3x ATK for two fire combos up to 4.5x with three fire matches. His active spawns 2 fire orbs while also creating a 15% boost for three turns increasing the chance fire orbs to fall. With two Krishna, the boost can be chained and can last forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…

The Tsubaki teambuilding guide also was a mono-fire team, so a lot of the subs between them will overlap. As I work on this guide, please ignore the copy and pastes from the Tsubaki guide. I will edit the descriptions and ranking depending on what Krishna wants. Thanks, and enjoy the guide! Cheers!


灼天の勇将神, Krishna

灼天の勇将神, Krishna

Rarity         (8 stars)



Typing:   (God/Balanced/Devil)


Weighted Stat: 844.587

  • HP – 3735 (4725)

  • ATK – 1767 (2262)

  • RCV – 353 (650)

Active Skill:

Fire Awakening
Effects: Increase skyfall chance of Fire orbs by 15% for 3 turn. Randomly spawn 2 Fire orbs from non Fire orbs.

Leader Skill:

Effects: Fire attribute cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5, RCV x1.5. All attribute cards ATK x3 when reaching 2 set of Fire combos. ATK x1.5 for each additional combo, up to ATK x4.5 when reaching 3 combos.

 Pros and Cons 


  • Good tankiness. 2.25x HP and RCV allows for lots of stalling.
  • Lots of OE. Allows for high damage if you decide to stack orb enhance
  • Flexible. You can play with a TPA team, a row team, or a hybrid team. The orb enhance will help every playstyle.
  • Huge subpool. You can utilize any fire card, so Krishna has a huge sub list to choose from.
  • System-able active. You can have an infinite downpour of fire orbs when you use both your leaders.
  • Good base cooldown. With 6 turns, you can think about inheriting skills onto him. Combined with his ability to stall, you end up with a deadly combo.


  • Elemental weakness. Fire is weak against water. Krishna may struggle more in water based dungeons.
  • Subs lack tankiness. Most Fire cards lack HP and RCV, and have more in the ATK stat. This is somewhat fixed with the 2.25x HP and RCV, but it may not be solved entirely.
  • Orb hungry. Krishna needs 9 orbs to reach his maximum damage, and this is with 3 match only, not taking into account rows or TPA.
  • Skill is RNG. More skyfall is still RNG. It can also be dangerous if you’re trying to stall and your skyfall buff causes you to kill the stage.
  • Slow playstyle. Because of how orb hungry his team is, expect to stall a lot. 

 Board Changers 

Holy Night Red Dragon Caller, SoniaHoly Night Red Dragon Caller, Sonia B-

Holy Draco Summoning Circle – Fr & Wd: Change all orbs to Fire & Wood orbs. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 2 turns. (14 Turns)                         


Christmas Sonia is one of the rare 8 star pulls from the Christmas Egg Machine. For the past two years, she has also been in the MP shop for 300k MP every time Christmas came around. She is the only card in NA that makes a bicolor Red/Green board, and adds two turns of haste on top of that.

Looking at her stats, her ATK is very high at 2175 before plusses, but her HP is average and her RCV is low. This can be troublesome if your Krishna team does not have enough HP or RCV, but she can help a lot in dealing a lot of damage due to her naturally high ATK.

Awakening wise, she is not too strong either. Her green row is a dead awakening, as it won’t contribute much to the team’s overall damage. The red rows are nice to have, but she lacks orb enhance to come along with it. If you’re using a burst card like Silk, the lack of OE can hurt your damage boost. The bind heal can be useful, but should not be relied upon to heal up binds. She herself is bindable, not to mention her active doesn’t make hearts either.

All bicolor board changers can be screwed over by orb troll. Sometimes, you’ll have too many fire orbs, and not enough green orbs to make 3 separate fire orb combos. Other times, you may have too less fire orbs and still fail to make 3 combos. Playing with a bicolor board is risking. Most of the time, your result will be rewarding, but sometimes it can damage your consistency.

The only thing going for her is the 2 turns of haste. Most cards that have haste have 1 turn of it. Sonia is one of the only cards that make a bicolor board and add on with two turns of haste. The haste can help cycle some actives and overall boost your speed. It really is a tradeoff between a longer cooldown and haste. If your team RCV is good enough, she’ll be better than regular Ronia, but if stalling is difficult for your team, regular Ronia may be better.

I definitely do not suggest buying her unless you literally have no other use for your MP. Last time the Christmas REM came around, I bought one, and rolled a dupe. I don’t regret anything, but I cannot say that most people will find the best choice to be buying Christmas Ronia. If you are seriously unsure if you want to buy her or not (most of the time the answer will be no), message me on Discord or ask around and people should help you figure it out. Christmas is coming in around 2 months, so get ready!

Don’t have Holy Night Red Dragon Caller, Sonia? Try…

No.2570 Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia Another No.2317 marvelous red dragon caller, sonia No.1645 Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia

Want some off-color/inheritance options? Try…

No.2343 Angry Tigrex & Rex Cat No.3235 No.3104 Resolute Strategist, Mori Motonari No.3236 人世の妖幻魔, Ilm No.3103 Contemplative Strategist, Mori Motonari

Want some farmable options? Try…

No.2600 Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia Another Card No.2521 Festival Sage Treant No.2436 Water Shibamaru No.3063 Extant Red Dragon Caller, Sonia TAMADRA

Awoken LeilanAwoken Leilan B-

Suzaku Seven-Star Formation: Change all orbs to Fire, Wood & Light orbs. Charges other skills by one turn. (9 Turns)                        


Awoken Leilan is a Chinese pantheon card that can be pulled from the REM. She is also included in the Fire Gala that comes around every time they cycle the Galas. She sports high ATK, high HP, but RCV on the lower side of the spectrum. Nonetheless, she creates a nice tricolor board parable with other strong actives and sports good synergizing awakenings.

Looking at her stats, she brings high ATK, high HP, but lower RCV sitting at around 202. If the rest of your team’s RCV isn’t fair, then you might find trouble when stalling for skills. I suggest making sure you hit AT LEAST 5000 RCV with the boost before tackling endgame content.

Awoken Leilan is very strong awakening wise. She brings the awakenings you’ll want on an ideal Krishna team- red rows and red OE. The time extend and skillboosts she brings are always welcome as well, so she’s all around a well built sub.

As a tricolor board changer (Red, Light, Green), the board allows you to pair her with other strong cards. Some examples are Chiyome (Light>Fire), and Yamato (Green>Fire). She synergizes with a lot of strong fire cards, and brings haste on top of that. The only downside I see to her active is not making hearts. Krishna does have a tanky playstyle, so healing while attacking might be the best choice. Nevertheless, inhering another board changer that includes hearts fixes this problem.

The only downside I see with her active is if you get board trolled and don’t have enough lights or greens to separate the orbs in a way to make 3 combos. This situation can be resolved by just looking to see if you have enough orbs before popping an active to enhance the board. There’s still a risk, but for such a tanky team it shouldn’t be a problem.

Leilan’s R/G form is another option for Krishna teams, and will sometimes be better than Awoken Leilan as a sub. Most players likely don’t have two Leilans or can’t afford to change them back and forth from Awoken to R/G, but for those who can or are thinking about permanently changing her to R/G, let me tell you that it’s a very viable option.

No.1262 Divine Flower Suzaku, Leilan      

Here are a basic rundown of her awakenings. Note that she brings both dragon and god killer, which be incredible for dealing with high HP monsters with these types. For example, she’ll be dealing 9x more damage against Dark Kali. While her ATK is much lower compared to Awoken Leilan, in god/dragon based dungeons she’ll dish out more damage than Awoken Leilan could ever wish to deal. Her active doesn’t bring haste, but with such a tanky team you can easily stall the turns back. Her RCV is also stronger than Awoken Leilan’s.

In the end it comes down to what you need. If you need killers, go for her R/G form. Do note that this may be troublesome in dungeons with damage caps (such as Sopdet in Arena), and can cause consistency errors. Also note that this form does not have SBR, and 100% SBR is usually better than a few killers and 80% (Keep the SBR badge in mind). If you don’t need the killers or is looking to farm dungeons where the extra killers will push you over damage caps, use Awoken Leilan. If you aren’t sure which one to use, feel free to ask others or message me on Discord at Potato*PAD.

No.2535 First Sunrise Princess Suzaku, Leilan         

Here’s another Leilan card with a the same colors in a board changer. She’s a rare pull from the New Years REM, so she might be harder to get than the other Leilans. She has similar stats to R/G Leilan. She lacks ATK, but makes it up hard with 5 orb enhances. The light and green enhances might be dead awakenings, but in all honestly the fire orb enhance might be enough to earn her a spot on your team.

She won’t be have too much trouble with damage caps, but also lacks SBR, just like with R/G Leilan. She also doesn’t bring any rows, but once again, the OE are the main justification. If I had her, I would probably use her over Awoken Leilan. Maybe this New Years I’ll pull her.

Don’t have Awoken Leilan? Try…

No.2535 First Sunrise Princess Suzaku, Leilan No.1262 Divine Flower Suzaku, Leilan No.1263 No.1786 incarnation of suzaku, leilan

Want some off-color/inheritance options? Try…

No.2746 One-Eyed Hell Phantom Demon, Zuoh No.2824 Guardian of Metropolis, Superman  No.1269 Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku No.2513 Snow Star Byakko, Haku No.1798 Saiyan - Raditz

Want some farmable options? Try…

No.2894 Loyal Demon Prince, Cauchemar No.897 Flame Chaser

Reminiscent Norn, UrdReminiscent Norn, Urd B+

Space-Time Tuning Circle – Fr / Wt: Change all orbs to Fire, Water & Heart orbs. (9 Turns)                         


Urd is a 5 star special god that is featured in Godfests every two weeks. You can only pull this norn during a Godfest, so if you don’t have her, save up some stones! With nice stats, orb enhance, and enhanced heal, you can expect her to be a strong contender on Krishna teams.

Looking at her stats, she knocks the RCV problem Krishna teams may face out of the park. Not only does she bring fairly high RCV at 421, but she also has an enhanced heal awakening, which can improve the team’s overall RCV. She also has nice ATK, going over 2200 when plussed fully. This can help Krishna teams clear high HP stages. The only downside of her stats is her low HP, which can be a problem sometimes in endgame dungeons.

Awakening wise, the enhanced heal has already been discussed. Great if your team’s RCV isn’t the best. She doesn’t bring any rows, but does bring RCV and a TPA, which can help clear easier stages if needed. She also has a SBR, which can be useful if you haven’t hit 100% yet.

She’s a tricolor board changer, just like Leilan (above), but I made a new category for her because she also makes hearts. For such a tanky team like Krishna, healing while attacking is a great skill to have. Urd makes a Blue/Red/Heart board, with plenty of pairings such as Awoken Cao Cao (Blue>Red). For inheritance, one option would probably be Verdandi, who creates a Green/Fire/Heart board. This is especially true if one card on your team can change green to fire. Overall, in my opinion board changers that also make heart are stronger than board changers that don’t.

Don’t have Reminiscent Norn, Urd? Try…

No.3167 蒼き団長ドギラゴン剣 No.2907 the norn urd No.1973 Shining Wing Kiriko Another No.2744 Enthusiast Red Dragonbound, Gadius No.2459 Mysteries of Tessaiga, Inuyasha

Want some off-color/inheritance options? Try…

No.2289 Paradise Norn, Urd No.2441 Judging-Claw Orange Dragonbound, Saria No.3098 orange dragonbound, saria No.2950 Scampering Newlywed, Gadius No.2745 Chaotic Black Dragonbound, Typhon No.3090 Chaotic Black Dragonbound Armor, Ana No.2803 Extreme Juggler No.1610 Khezu & Cat KhezuNo.2908 the norn verdandi No.2232 二ツ星ハンター・ジン=フリークス

Want some farmable options? Try…

No.2878 Gleaming Rabbit Dragon, Fragrem No.1995 Fire Hammer Kiriko Another Card No.1085 Red Dragon Fruit No.2879 Destroying Thunder Dragon, Dorva

Orb Changers 

Awoken Cao CaoAwoken Cao Cao A

Everlasting Strategem: Delay 1 turn to all enemies. Change Water, Poison & Mortal Poison orbs to Fire orbs. (9 turns)


Awoken Cao Cao is one of those subs that are great for almost every fire team there is. He’s part of the 3 Kingdoms pantheon, available in the REM and occasionally in a Fire Gala. The ruthless conqueror of China so many years ago sports grand awakenings, including rows, orb enhance, SBR, and unbindability, while also carrying great stats.

Awoken Cao Cao changes blue orbs and poison orbs to red, while also delaying enemies by one turn. This comes greatly in handy for some enemies with resolve, as well as enemies that make a lot of poison orbs. He can also be used paired with Urd or another board changer/orb changer. For a skill on a 9 turn cooldown, he’s great.

Awoken Cao Cao carries high HP along with ATK, but pathetic RCV at 27. If your team isn’t heavily plussed or have high RCV, placing him on may give you RCV problems in harder dungeons.

His awakenings are quite impressive, being unbindable means that he can be used as a base for a bind clear active. The orb enhance, row enhance, and SBR also sets a high bar for other subs. Great awakenings overall, and good HP and ATK tops it off. Think about using him if you have him, especially if you have Urd as a sub as well.

Don’t have Awoken Cao Cao? Try…

  No.2747 Awoken Ares No.1875 Unrequited Warrior Woman, Mamiya  No.889 War Deity of Fury, Ares No.2235 Avenging War Deity, Ares

Want some farmable options? Try…

   No.1036 形態変化, Youpi No.763 OCTOPUS Ver.2 No.1366 Firon

Heroic God-Emperor, Yamato TakeruYamato Takeru A+

The Sword Kusanagi: Change Wood orbs to Fire orbs, Dark orbs to Heart orbs. Enhance Heart orbs. +6% per orb. (8 Turns)


When you’re making fire orbs and heart orbs on a tanky team, you’re going to be loved. Yamato Takeru from the Hero’s pantheon comes heavily loaded with a powerful active and great awakenings.

Yamato Takeru has very nice stats, with fair HP, above average ATK, and above average RCV. His stats are nicely balanced between the three, which is a nice change to some of the other red subs we’ve seen.

The first thing that stands out when you see him is his triple fire rows. These rows will allow you to deal high amounts of damage on a Krishna team. Unfortunately, he doesn’t come with OE as well, which probably would’ve made him too overpowered. His recover bind awakening is interesting because he does make hearts, but he is bindable. When Yamato Takeru himself isn’t bound, he can likely unbind others with his active. Due to his lack of unbindability, it’s an inconsistent option.

Overall, Yamato Takeru is a great sub to have. He not only makes fires and hearts, but enhances them as well. This allows you to quickly heal up after a gravity or a big hit. He also pairs well with board changers to deal big burst damage, the most potent combination as Leilan + Yamato Takeru.


Here’s another version of Yamato Takeru from the New Years REM. He trades 2 fire rows with a dragon killer awakening and a co-op boost. This means that this version will lower your total team damage by a little, but his own damage will skyrocket against dragons and in co-op. If you aren’t playing co-op, his stats may seem a little lackluster, with his most embarrassing stat being ATK at 1251 at max without plusses. Unless you are playing in a dungeon with a ton of dragons, I don’t suggest playing him in solo.

Don’t have Yamato Takeru? Try...

No.3179 紅蓮の逆刃・炎鉄双角 No.3125 Miracle Reversal Fighter, Kinnikuman   

Want some other cards that make fires and hearts? Try…

No.3101 Patriot Warrior, Sanada Yukimura  No.3102 Dreadful Warrior, Sanada Yukimura 

Want some farmable options? Try…

No.2577 Ancient Flame Dragon, Ammonite  

Scorching Dragon Angel, UrielScorching Dragon Angel, Uriel A

Miracle of Fire: Change Light orbs to Fire orbs, Dark orbs to Heart orbs. Enhance Heart orbs. +6% per orb, up to +180% for full board. (8 Turns)


Yamato Takeru’s evil twin, Uriel! Incoming from the Archangel series, we have a sub with just as many fire rows as Yamato Takeru, high ATK and RCV, and the creation of both fire and hearts followed by an enhancement of hearts.

Uriel is similar to Yamato Takeru in many ways, but having high HP is not one of them. To get his high ATK and RCV stats, Uriel has sacrificed HP. This may not seem too bad, because Krishna does give 2.25 HP to subs, but in later dungeons the extra HP can be the reason you live or die. Regardless, the RCV and ATK stats are important as well, and Uriel has great marks in both of them.

Uriel has triple rows, just like Yamato, but instead of bringing more unique awakenings, he brings 4 autoheal. This means that you’ll be healing for 2000 HP every single turn. The 2000, in my opinion, doesn’t seem like much. Autoheal really isn’t that great these days, and having 4 of them taking up his awakenings is a big turn off. He does have SBR and a skill boost, but the fun ends there.

Uriel can pair with the same board changer Yamato can- Leilan. His active is very powerful regardless of his lacking in the awakening department, and is still worth using over a lot of other subs. Uriel can also pair with other board changers, like Saria or Gadius for a 1/2 Red 1/2 heart board.

Don’t have Uriel? Try...

No.3031 Oniwabanshu Kunoichi, Makimachi Misao  

Want some other cards that make fires and hearts? Try…

No.3101 Patriot Warrior, Sanada Yukimura No.3179 紅蓮の逆刃・炎鉄双角 No.2657 Heroic God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru No.3102 Dreadful Warrior, Sanada Yukimura  

Want some farmable options? Try…


Patriot Warrior, Sanada YukimuraPatriot Warrior, Sanada Yukimura S

Crimson Cross Spear: Change Water orbs to Fire orbs, Light orbs to Heart orbs. Enhance Fire orbs. +6% per orb, up to +180% for full board. (8 Turns)


Sanada and his enhanced orbs return from the Samurai God series! With his great fire and heart making skills, with the ability to enhance all the fire orbs afterwards, you can bet that he’ll see use on top Krishna teams!

Sanada actually has two different split evolutions, I’ll discuss his second one below and the pros and cons of using him. For this split ult (meant to be used as a sub), Sanada has low HP, above average ATK, and meh RCV. The stats aren’t too pretty to look at, so it’s clear that his active skill and awakenings carries him through the Krishna tier lists.

With four rows, Sanada will be raising the team’s damage by 40% just by himself. It’s insane to think that just one year ago, cards with this many rows was unheard of. How times have changed… Sanada lacks OE, but by enhancing fire orbs through his active, you can deal huge amounts of damage paired with a board changer (Urd), or another active.

Sanada can also be thought about as an inheritance. If you want to go all out and have enhanced orbs and rows on every sub, you can find a good base to inherit onto. Sanada’s stats aren’t TOO great to look at, either.


This is the leader version of Sanada. Surprisingly, I would use him over the sub version 7 times out of 10. This version of Sanada has lower ATK but 500 extra HP, making him a tankier sub on Krishna teams. The main benefit of using this card is his extra orb enhances. Instead of 2 rows, R/D Sanada carries 2 red OE. On a Krishna team where orb enhances are so relevant, two orb enhances will almost always bring more damage than two extra rows. Not to mention his active enhances fire.

Don’t have Sanada? Try...

  No.2747 Awoken Ares No.1875 Unrequited Warrior Woman, Mamiya  No.889 War Deity of Fury, Ares No.2235 Avenging War Deity, Ares

Want some other cards that make fires and hearts? Try…

No.3179 紅蓮の逆刃・炎鉄双角 No.2657 Heroic God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru   

Want some farmable options? Try…

   No.1036 形態変化, Youpi No.763 OCTOPUS Ver.2 No.1366 Firon 

Phoenix Goddess, Valkyrie FemmePhoenix Goddess, Valkyrie Femme B-

Attack Stance – Fire: Change heart orbs to fire orbs. (5 Turns)                                                                   


Our favorite (not really) red heartbreaker returns in the heartbreaker series! Valkyrie is a rare pull in the REM that sometimes has her rates boosted during a Directors’s Choice Carnival (cause the directors don’t know how to play this game). She breaks hearts on a 5 turn cooldown, brings fair ATK and RCV stats, and brings relevant awakenings for a Krishna team. She’s good at what she does, but not the best at doing it. Heartbreakers overall aren’t usually as good as cards that don’t touch hearts/makes hearts. Healing + Attacking = meta.

Valkyrie brings half decent stats, with fair ATK and lower HP. What’s niche about her as a sub is her naturally high RCV and her heart enhanced awakening.

Valk also brings 2 TPA and 2 rows, meaning you can build a hybrid team or focus on either one (Note that TPA is normally slightly weaker). Like a ton of other row subs, Valkyrie doesn’t bring any OE. Her grade would be much better if she did, OE is like the frosting on the cake for Krishna teams. Her heart enhanced awakening can be used to raise the team’s over RCV, which is why she did not recieve a failing grade. Regardless, Valkyrie does have weaker awakenings compared to better heartbreaker options.

The 5 turn cooldown can be useful, but for a team that’s known to stall a lot, might have less significance than it seems. Krishna isn’t in NA yet, so I haven’t gotten the chance to stall with his team, but watching JP videos I believe it shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

I’ll discuss some other heartbreaker options below. Some of them may be better than Valkyrie, but have their own weaknesses. (Cards that clear binds- Guan Yu, etc, will be discussed in the bind clear section).


Set is the one true husbando from the Egyptian 2 pantheon. While none of his series are too notable as leaders, some of them are great subs for mono-colored teams. Set is no exception. He brings above average stats, OE, heart orb enhanced, and triple TPA. He won’t be as useful on a row based team, but if you’re looking to build a TPA team he’s always a strong option. His active also brings 2 turns of 1.5 fire buff, which raises Krishna’s multiplier to around a 63x multiplier. Compared to Valkyrie, I would rather use him most of the time. Do note his low RCV and longer cooldown.

No.2034 Solitary Lion, Squall     

Squall is a 5 star pull from the Final Fantasy Collab REM. On a 7 turn cooldown, he changes jammers AND heal orbs to fire orbs, while also hasting the team by 1 turn. Just like Set, he won’t be as good on a row based team, but has his uses because of his hazard clearing ability. The haste also can be useful in certain situations, but most of the time you’ll be able to stall to get skills up. I would probably rate him slightly under Valkyrie, but if you need to clear jammers, he’s an option.

Don’t have Red Valkyrie? Try...


Want some double orb changers that include changing hearts? Try…

No.2747 Awoken Ares No.2328 Misato&AAA Wunder, Main Battery Gunfire No.889 War Deity of Fury, Ares No.2235 Avenging War Deity, Ares 

Want some farmable options? Try…


Scythe Wielding Mechanical Star God, AntaresScythe Wielding Mechanical Star God, Antares A

Astrocharge – Flare: Change Heart, Jammer, Poison, and Mortal Poison orbs to fire orbs. reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn. (7 turns)


Antares from the Mechanical Star God 1 series returns with a powerful active and great awakenings! He clears not only hearts, but jammers and poison orbs as well, almost nullifying the need of a board changer active. The reason Antares wasn’t placed in the same section as Valkyrie and the other heartbreakers is because of his hazard clearing in terms of poison and jammer orbs. Truly a great skill to have, let’s discuss him below.

Antares has low HP at 2788, and low RCV and 108, but wields great ATK at 2173. Although the HP and RCV stats are a bit low, his awakenings fix her RCV problem. The two enhanced orbs bring an RCV boost to the entire team, which makes up for his own poor RCV.

In terms of his other awakenings, god killer is the one most worth mentioning. With the 45.56x multiplier, you may find yourself unable to one shot some stages. With Antares’ god killer, your team will trivialize god based dungeons. Do note that in some dungeons with damage caps, having God killer will be troublesome (Sopdet, for example) The double OE that he brings boosts damage, but lack of rows is an issue. It can be overlooked because of her other awakenings and high ATK.

Antares’ active is what makes him a great sub. He is a master hazard clearer, clearing poisons as well as jammers. This makes some annoying dungeons or monsters that spawn these orb types hilariously easy. You can also take advantage of this skill and allow these orb types to stack up before popping him for a big burst. For a skill on a 7 turn cooldown, it’s a great utility skill to have as well as a burst skill.

Antares’ has another form and another card with a very similar active skill (Actually, it’s literally the same active skill with a different name). I’ll discuss the other options below.

No.3053 Sphere Protected Mechanical Star God, Antares       

There is honestly no reason you should be using R/L Antares over her R/G form. This form brings 200 more HP and 50 more RCV, but drops  200 ATK and god killer. Unless you are specifically trying to dodge a damage cap, R/G form is superior.

No.2445 The Greatest Enemy, Raoh       

Raoh from the FOTNS collab has the exact same skill, with a different name. If you have him, he’s a great sub too. He lacks orb enhance, but brings two rows. Most of the time, I’ll take Antares over him, but if Raoh is the only one you got, he works great and achieves the same with his active.

Don’t have Antares? Try...

No.2328 Misato&AAA Wunder, Main Battery Gunfire    

Want some double orb changers that include changing hearts? Try…

No.2747 Awoken Ares No.2328 Misato&AAA Wunder, Main Battery Gunfire No.889 War Deity of Fury, Ares No.2235 Avenging War Deity, Ares 

Want some farmable options? Try…


Reincarnated MinervaReincarnated Minerva A+

Hellish Inferno: Reduce enemies’ defense by 50% for 2 turns. Effect carry forward on sweep. Change Dark orbs to Fire orbs. (5 Turns)


Minerva was one of the awoken monsters that recently got a “Reincarnation”. The trend that we are seeing for these new evolutions are the same stats, same active, recolored art, and greatly improved stats and leader skill. Reincarnated Minerva gains a huge boost in stats, weighing in at more than 1000 overall.

The best part about Reincarnated Minerva is her stats She carries high HP, ATK, and RCV, making her an all around good sub and base for inheritance. She honestly has no weakness in terms of her stats, all of them are more than enough. Makes me wish I had her…

Minerva’s awakenings have always been questionable, the fire resist awakening especially. With shields and latent awakenings dominating the game, the usage of these awakenings has been mostly reduced to cheese teams. The jammer resist can be viewed as less useful than lets say 2 rows, but with the new mechanics in new JP dungeons, the resistance to jammers can prove to be very useful. We’ll have to wait to see. The best part about her is her unbindability. This makes her a good target to inherit a bind clear onto, with such insane stats and a 5 turn active it’s hard to go wrong.

Minerva’s active is actually really good for the cooldown. It breaks half of the enemy’s defense and changes dark orbs to fire. This makes it very possible to burst through high defense monsters (like Tans with 8 million) without having to bring a true damage or full defense break skill. The dark>fire part is less useful, as there are’t as many board changers that can pair with her. Gadius is the first one to come to mind, setting up a 1/2 fire board.

Don’t have Reincarnated Minerva? Try...

No.2328 Misato&AAA Wunder, Main Battery Gunfire No.2514 Lively Banquet Dragon Hero, Liu Bei No.1533 Awoken Minerva

Want some farmable options? Try…

 No.2522 Beast of the Sanctuary, Minotaur No.2332 Misato TAMADRA No.2582 Flame Keeper

Awoken AresAwoken Ares A-

Raging Blaze: Change Water and Heart orbs to Fire orbs. Increase skyfall chance of Fire orbs by 15% for 2 turns. (8 Turns)


Awoken Ares is another heartbreaker, but I separated him from Valkyrie and Antares because he changes water orbs as well, making him a double orb changer. Ares’ flexibility in his awakenings and the mere power of his active makes him a strong option for Krishna teams.

Ares has fair HP, high ATK, and below average RCV, just like a lot of other attacker fire subs. Once again, if your team suffers from lack of RCV or HP due to too many poor stat subs or not enough plus eggs, think twice before throwing him on. If the HP and RCV portion isn’t a problem, go ahead. The 2244 ATK stat will help burst down a lot of enemies.

Awoken Ares has great flexibility in his awakenings. He brings 2 OE, which is good for all fire teams, and 1 row and 2 TPAs. That means you can build a hybrid team that depends on both rows and TPAs depending on the situation. If you’re trying to build a team specifically catered towards one, his awakenings might not shine as brightly.

Are’s active changes blue and heart orbs to fire orbs. This will allow you to make a lot of fire orbs on a regular board, resulting in a good amount of burst damage. He also gives a small fire orb buff for 2 turns, which has it’s pros and cons. The pros are that there will be more fire orbs, while the cons is that stalling may be harder if skyfall decides to screw you over. He also cannot pair with Urd, a strong Krishna board changer, so keep that in mind if you’re using her as a sub.

No.2328 Misato&AAA Wunder, Main Battery Gunfire       

Misato&AAA Wunder, Main Battery Gunfire is another option to consider if you were fortunate to pull her when the Evangelion Collab REM came around. She brings 1 row and 2 TPAs just like Ares, but doesn’t bring orb enhance. However, she brings both unbindability and bind heal. If you lack a bind clear option, Misato can work by herself (with her bind clear active; inconsistent), or with a bind clear active inherited onto her.

Her active is also a double orb changer, with haste included on a 9 turn cooldown. She changes Dark and Heart orbs to Fire. Gadius is a board changer that comes in mind for pairings, but leaving behind 1/4 board of light may cause issues if not enough spawns and you are unable to match 3 separate fire combos.

Don’t have Awoken Ares? Try...

No.2235 No.889 No.2328 Misato&AAA Wunder, Main Battery Gunfire No.2514 Lively Banquet Dragon Hero, Liu Bei 

Want some cards that only break waters? Try...

No.2901 Awoken Cao Cao    No.1875 Unrequited Warrior Woman, Mamiya

Want some cards that only break hearts? Try...


Orb Generators 

Broad-Minded Hell Demon, ScarletBroad-Minded Hell Demon, Scarlet B

Raging Blaze: Randomly spawn 4 Fire orbs from non Fire orbs. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn. (7 Turns)


Our favorite farmable monster Scarlet returns once again to show that she can compete with REM monsters! Scarlet is extremely impressive for a REM monster, sporting REM level stats with REM level awakenings. While her skillups may be hard to farm without the correct team, she becomes a great sub when max skilled.

Scarlet has balanced stats, she’s not missing much in any category. This makes her great for Krishna because using her won’t hurt your team in any way. Her awakenings are very nice as well, and the only out of the ordinary awakening is the fire resist. She brings double fire rows, SBR, and orb enhance as well, making up for the 1 awakening loss.

Scarlet’s active is what’s important. Making 4 fire orbs with haste on a 7 cooldown surely has its benefits. If you are familiar with the 4 Scarlet Cao Cao team, you know what I’m talking about. The haste and constant new actives being hasted up allows for a fun system. In Krishna’s case, this actually doesn’t work as well. For a tanky lead, you’ll be stalling a lot. While Scarlet’s active is very nice, it’s more for a fast paced team rather than a slow grindy one. That’s what’s keeping her from having an “A” grade, and also what makes Krishna a stronger endgame leader compared to Cao Cao. Overall, one Scarlet won’t hurt your team at all. Any more than that and you might be seeing some survivability issues.

Don’t have Scarlet? Try...

No.3019 Rurouni, Himura Kenshin No.2970 Scarlet Sky Flame Dragon Caller, Tsubaki No.2553 Sharp Cane Mechanical Star God, Denebola No.2800 Extreme Berserker

Want some farmable fire orb generators? Try… 

No.3000 Scarlet Sky Ruler, Yamato Takeru Dragon No.2786 Trance Kuja No.672 Catwoman+C. Claw No.2699 Squad 6 Lieutenant, Renji Abarai No.2647 Metallic Star Dragon, Leo

Confusing Face Great Duke of Hell, DantalionConfusing Face Great Duke of Hell, Dantalion A+

Melting Masks: Randomly spawn 3 Fire & Heart orbs from non Fire & Heart orbs. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn. (7 Turns)


Dantalion, a recent special God is a great orb generator for Krishna, with his awakenings consisting of relevant OE awakenings, SBR, and a great active skill. Although he is a hard to pull 6 star GFE, if you have him he makes a great sub.

For starters, his stats are absolutely amazing, with 999.67 weighted stats, he seems to outclass other cards greatly. He has insane HP at 4504, insanely high ATK at 2303, and the only “low” stat is his RCV at 266. All around a solid sub just because of his stats. He lacks a sub-attribute, which is how Gungho is dealing with giving cards higher stats at this point.

With all the OE he has, he’ll be able to work with both TPA and row based teams. The magic of OE is that it doesn’t matter which style your team is, it’ll boost the damage regardless.

The active skill is all around great. Unlike Scarlet, he makes fire AND heart orbs. I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it a million more- attacking while healing is great. The only weakness I can see is that he only makes 3 fire orbs. I suggest inheriting another skill onto him so he can serve as a stat-stick as well as a great skill.

Don’t have Dantalion and still want to generate fire and hearts? Try...

No.2604 鈴蘭最強の男・林田恵

Want some farmable options? Try...

No.2632 Meimeitei's Bentou

Sadly, the one card I could find that also generated fire and hearts was a JP only card. If Crows Collab ever comes to NA, you’ll be able to pull him- but for now Dantalion is your only bet. There are plenty of farmable options for Fire/Heart orb changers though, scroll up to where Yamato/Sanada are (orb changer section) and look at their footer notes.

 Column Makers 

Blazing CyberDragon, ThubanBlazing Cyber Dragon, Thuban C+

Flame Charge: Change top-most row into Fire orbs. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn. (8 Turns)


Thuban is one of the dragons from the Cyber Dragon series. He brings a consistent orb making active while also bringing unbindability and a bind heal clear. However, due to his lack of good stats, he is questionable as a sub and usual better off as an inherit.

The only stat Thuban brings that is satisfactory is his HP at 3096, while his ATK is fairly low at 1491 and RCV very low at 125. Because of this, it should usually be considered to use him as a inherit skill on a stronger card.

Thuban’s awakenings are actually quite impressive for a Krishna team. Unbindability allows a bind clear to be inherited onto him, and the heal bind awakening allows gimmicks to bind clear instead of an entire active when possible. The double fire rows is a good bonus for overall team damage, but he lacks OE just like many other fire row subs.

The active skill here is actually quite impressive. You make 2 combos of fire on the spot, and in such a easy position. The skill also comes with haste, which has less significance because of the tanky nature of the team, but still every useful. Personally, I have him inherited on my Ame to change her into a good orb maker when I’m not using her for bind clear.

No.1615 Inferno Sorcerer, Laila      

Laila from the Wizard series has a similar active, losing out on the haste for a much shorter active. She also changes the bottom row instead of the top, so keep that part in mind. Laila herself brings a TPA and row, meaning you can be flexible with your teambuilding. Her dragon and attacker killer also makes her a niche sub to take down high HP enemies. She lacks the unbindability Thuban has, but overall she’s a strong choice. As inheritance I believe that Thuban is superior due to the haste, but it shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

There are also some 2 row options, but they are generally harder to use due to the longer cooldown and more orbs can take away heart orbs more easily. It’s up to you which one you’d rather use, but I listed a few of them below.

Don’t have Thuban? Try...

No.2685 La Muerte, Yasutora Sado No.1615 Inferno Sorcerer, Laila

Want some off-color/inheritance options? Try...

No.2777 Novice Sky Pirate, Vaan

Want some farmable options?

No.2939 Treasure Blade Dragon, Drahklist No.3091 大灼熱・クレナイゴウカミ No.2796 Vaan's Zwill Crossblade No.1917 Hungry Peko Dragon

Nanto Goshasei, Shuren of the FlamesNanto Goshasei, Shuren of the Flames C

You and your ambition burn to ashes!: Change right-most column into Fire orbs. Enhance Fire orbs. +6% per orb. (5 Turns)


If you’re looking for a column maker, Nanto Goshasei is the sub you’re looking for. He carries 3 OE and a co-op boost, making him stronger in co-op all around. His active is interesting because it creates 5 orbs while also enhancing them, bringing a lot of value in such a low cooldown skill.

Honestly, these column makers should only be considered if you seriously lack a better skill, and a row maker is normally better than a horizontal column maker, even with the enhance. There are probably better FARMABLE options than these horizontal column makers. (The row makers are better because they guarantee two fire combos, while the horizontal one only guarantees one)

No.2190 Flame-Winged CyberBeast, Markab      

Markab is another column maker that can be used. While he doesn’t bring any rows or OE, he brings double TPA, which can be used to hit higher numbers. I wouldn’t suggest him over Nanto Goshasei unless you need the SBR or the unbindability.

Don’t have Thuban? Try...

No.2773 Trance Terra No.2190 Flame-Winged CyberBeast, Markab

Want some farmable options?

No.2596 Bolshack-NEX No.2195 Flame Gear No.2201 ボルシャックカード


Crimson Lotus Mistress, EchidnaCrimson Lotus Mistress, Echidna C

You and your ambition burn to ashes!: Change right-most column into Fire orbs. Enhance Fire orbs. +6% per orb. (5 Turns)


The value of delays on Krishna team’s entirely depends on the dungeon. Most of the time, you’ll be able to stall the 3 turns she delays without much trouble. A niche use for her would be to delay cards with resolve to take them out easier. Usage of delays are rarer on a team with such a slow playstyle.

She can still be useful, especially for newer players without access to top subs. Do note that there are plenty of stronger options, and inheriting a delay active onto one of your subs would probably be better as well.

No.2901 Awoken Cao Cao        

I would probably use Cao Cao 9 times out of 10 when I need a delay. He just brings a better active with the orb change and grander awakenings. It’s hard to justify usage of Echidna if you do have him, unless the 3 turns of delay has more value than the 1 turn. I discussed his stats in the orb changer section, so check him out there if you want alternatives or more information.

Want some other versions of Echidna with better awakenings? Try…

No.2515 Holy Rites Mistress, Echidna No.2959 Crimson Lotus Bride, Echidna

Don’t have Echidna? Try…

empty.PNG No.2901 Awoken Cao Cao No.1350 Zeta Hydra

There are plenty more red delays in the game. Echidna herself is farmable, so if you don’t have a delay option, you can pick her up in a few dungeons. She shouldn’t be too hard to get. Check her page on Padx or on Pad Guide for dungeons that she drops in.

                                  Inheritable Delays 

Below are some of the inheritable delays I found. There are plenty more that I did not add. I linked the master list of delays above, so if you’re looking for others you can check there.

For Krishna teams, usually the best choice would be a balance between cooldown and length of the delay. I would go with Awoken Orochi most of the time, and Regular Orochi (5 turns) as a second option. You have to decide based on the dungeon. Cao Cao will be enough for most dungeons, but for dungeons like Arena 2 that contain Vishnu or Hanuman, longer delays will be more desirable.

No.1350 Zeta Hydra No.986 Serpent God Demon, Viper Orochi No.2322 Awoken Viper Orochi No.2090 Princess Valkitty Heart No.1625 Space-Time Sorcerer, Wee Jas No.1705 Endless Era Sorcerer, Wee Jas No.2901 Awoken Cao Cao No.2902 Awoken Sun Quan No.1352 ForestBahn No.2825 Invincible Heroine, Wonder Woman                                                               No.1354 Phantom Thunder Dragon, SagirinokamiNo.2088 My Melody & Brachys No.2133 Batman+Disruptor No.2693 Squad 10 Lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto


Phoenix Rider, ValenPhoenix Rider, Valen B

Immortal Guard: 30% damage reduction for 4 turns. (6 Turns)                                              


Valen is one of your shield options, and brings especially nice stats in co-op due to his boost awakening. He’s a pull from the riders, so not as rare as some of the pantheon gods.

It should be made clear that most of the time you won’t need a shield. Krishna teams already have a good amount of HP, and for lategame content I suspect you’ll be playing in multiplier, where HP can easily surpass 100k. For the times that you do, Valen is a strong choice. The shield is smaller than other options, but it lasts for 4 turns, lasting longer than most other options.

His awakenings are tailored towards a TPA team, but he brings a row as well. There is a lack of OE, but the damage in co-op should make up for the damage loss. Overall, he’s not your strongest option, but he works for most content.

Want some REM options? Try…

empty.PNG No.2916 Emperor Veteran, Napoleon No.2713 Radiant Blade Mech Dragon God, Baldin No.2784 Royal Knight, Rain

Want some farmable options? Try…

No.1272 Red Mech General, Elder Jotunn No.2180 Pacifying Yomi Goddess, Izanami No.2880 Flamzeal No.974 Red Pirate Dragon, Bartholomew No.1361 Scorched Land Dragon Knight, Himiko

Emperor Veteran, NapoleonEmperor Veteran, Napoleon A+

Tactical Flame: Randomly spawn 5 Fire orbs from non Fire orbs. 35% damage reduction for 3 turns. (7 Turns)                                                    


One of the rare cards from the Legendary Heroes series cards comes packed with orb enhance with a ready to go shield! He was a strong leader during the French Revolution and will continue his reign on your Krishna team.

He suffers the same stat problems as so many other fire cards- high HP and ATK, but very low RCV.

Napoleon doesn’t bring rows or TPAs, but he does have 5 OE. This is identical to the orb enhances Krishna has, and will raise your damage by a lot regardless of if you’re running rows or TPA. His dragon killer can also be very helpful in harder dungeons, as you’ll find Krishna’s burst can be a bit low at times.

As for his skill, the fire orb creation has been buffed up to 5 orbs instead of 3. This makes him better for Krishna teams because the more the better when it comes to fire orbs. (Unless the entire board is fire. Then you might be screwed)

Want some REM options? Try…

empty.PNG No.2916 Emperor Veteran, Napoleon No.2713 Radiant Blade Mech Dragon God, Baldin No.2784 Royal Knight, Rain

Want some farmable options? Try…

No.1272 Red Mech General, Elder Jotunn No.2180 Pacifying Yomi Goddess, Izanami No.2880 Flamzeal No.974 Red Pirate Dragon, Bartholomew No.1361 Scorched Land Dragon Knight, Himiko

                                 Inheritable Shields 

Below are some of the inheritable shields I found. There are plenty more that I did not add. I linked the master list of shields above, so if you’re looking for others you can check there.

Most of the time, a shield won’t be required because your HP will likely be from 60k-70k with a fully plussed team. There are situations where you have to tank huge hits, and in times like these you will need a shield active. Susano or Indra would be the best in my opinion in the long run- you’ll rarely need 100% shields, but carrying a shield will come in handy for making some dungeons easier. For general use, if you don’t find yourself needing one often or can’t afford inheriting back and forth, just farm the Red Golem and use him.

No.2323 Awoken Susano no Mikoto No.1556 Demon Slayer, Susano no Mikoto No.1125 GrimCrystal No.2280 Miko Goddess of Protection, Kushinadahime No.2979 Awoken Indra No.2082 Scholarly God of Fortune, Ganesha No.2501 Archangel of Creation, Raphael No.3076 The Man who aimed to be the Ken-oh, Toki

  Bind Clear/Heart Makers  

Awoken Ame no UzumeAwoken Ame no Uzume A-

Raging Blaze: All attribute cards RCV x2 for 4 turns. Bind recovery for 4 turns. (8 Turns)                                         


Ame recently got her Awoken evolution, and it serves as a great bind clear option for Krishna. For starters, she literally only got a red row awakening-wise when you awaken her. I was hoping for better awakenings, but Gungho didn’t carry through.

As a physical/devil type, she brings 301 RCV, which is actually really high considering her typing. Her active brings x2 RCV for 4 turns, which can be very helpful if your Krishna team lacks RCV or you are trying to heal up from hard hits. The 4 turn bind recovery is great too.

She’s all around a solid Krishna sub, I just hoped that she would get better awakenings. If Gungho decided to buff her in the future, more rows/OE would be nice instead of her auto-recovery.

Want some other cards that heals binds? Try…

No.1413 Happy Forest Maiden, Red Riding Hood No.2278 Art Goddess of Entertainment, Ame no Uzume No.1296 Iwato's Dancing Goddess, Amenouzume No.2577 Ancient Flame Dragon, Ammonite No.949 AB Red Bird Red

Want some cards that makes hearts? Try…

No.1413 Happy Forest Maiden, Red Riding Hood No.2816 Pet Caretaking's Club, Red Riding Hood No.1526 High Fire Ninja

Valiant & Loyal Deity, Guan YuRed Guan Yu A

Solid Fortitude: Change Heart and Poison orbs to Fire orbs. Recover 3000 HP. Bind recovery for 3 turns. (6 Turns)                                                                                               


Guan Yu has a great active. He not only brings a fast 6 turn orb changer that gets rid of poison orbs as well, he also heals bind. This is great because it’s a double active that is combined with the cost of only one.

The main thing keeping Guan Yu from a lot of teams is his awakenings. The only relevant damage awakening is the red row, and even then the only thing saving him from a B grade would be his unbindability.

Inheritance is a possibility if you don’t expect to need bind clear as often. Hopefully he gets an evolution in the near future and becomes godly.

Don’t have Red Guan Yu? Try…

No.1822 valiant & loyal deity, guan yu No.1596 Oneton No.1413 Happy Forest Maiden, Red Riding Hood

Want another card that makes orbs while clearing binds? Try…

No.1503 Fire Dragon Knight

 Fire Inheritance Bases 

Here’s a list of all the fire monsters that are 100% unbindable that I could find. I removed cards that already cleared binds, and if one evolution is on here, I removed the other evolutions.

No.3238 Reincarnated Minerva No.2328 Misato&AAA Wunder, Main Battery Gunfire No.2503 Explosive Demon Lord, Belial No.2179 God of the Destroying Lance, Odin No.2744 Enthusiast Red Dragonbound, Gadius No.2901 Awoken Cao Cao No.3162 Tamazo X Awoken Phantom God, Odin  No.2185 Blazing CyberDragon, Thuban No.2666 Scarlet Jewel Princess, Silk No.1272 Red Mech General, Elder Jotunn

I also left out a few JP subs, but they are below if you have them on JP. (Most JP only subs are collab cards)

No.2355 Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager No.533 Ultimate Ranger Santa No.2595 Bolmeteus-Blue Flame Dragon No.2166 ボルメテウス・ブラック・ドラゴン No.1435 Bronze Saint, Phoenix Ikki No.1558 Super Saiyan 3 - Goku

If you lack a bind clear and want a card for the sole purpose of bind clearing, here are all your options. (Please comment if I missed anybody)

 Inheritable Bind Clears 

Here’s a very short list of off-color bind clear options that you can inherit onto your cards. There are plenty more, but these are some commonly used ones I had on the top of my head.

 No.2010 Awoken Isis No.2324 Awoken Amaterasu Ohkami No.1557 Dancing Flame, Amaterasu Ohkami No.3027 Doctor Takani Megumi No.2533 Excursion Dancing Goddess, Amaterasu Ohkami No.1423 Shining Lance Wielder, Odin No.2389 Awoken Sakuya No.3076 The Man who aimed to be the Ken-oh, Toki No.3095 タマゾーX覚醒オーディン

 Damage Enhance 

Scarlet Jewel Princess, SilkScarlet Jewel Princess, Silk S+

Ruby of Charity: ATK x1.15 for 2 turns for every Enhanced Fire Orbs, Enhanced Light Orbs,Enhanced Heart Orbs on the team. (14 Turns)                                                                           

Silk is by far the best burst option for a Krishna team. She increases damage by 1.15 every time there’s an orb enhance on your team. Krishna himself brings 5 OE, so that’s already 2.5x burst right off the bat with the two leaders. If you can stack more OE onto your subs, you’ll be able to turn his multiplier into a deadly tool. Nothing can survive. (Except Sopdet, but nobody likes Sopdet)

Most people will inherit her onto a sub or their leader because her awakenings and stats aren’t steller. However, she’s a strong sub option even with these just because of her active, and she brings relevant awakenings which is nice. The light OE is useful because it also adds on to the total damage multiplier when you pop her active.

If you don’t have her, try to find Krishna friends that have her inherited. I’m sure that there are many Krishna with Silk actives out there.


Want some other fire burst actives? Try…

No.2392 Awoken Freyr No.1980 Shinra Sun God Apollo No.1979 Shinra Soul Beast Sai No.2046 Agito Cadet, Ace

Want some farmable fire burst actives? Try…

No.2805 Demon Leader, Shuten-doji No.961 AB Dashing Wingman No.1554 Ultimate Taiko God Don-chan No.2652 Red Gadget

Want some orb enhancers to increase your damage? Try…

No.2009 Awoken Horus No.995 Blazing Deity Falcon, Horus No.2821 Volleyball Club's Devil, Theurgia No.3080 Nanto Goshasei, Shuren of the Flames No.1954 Awoken Shiva No.2092 Storm Mighty Dragon Emperor, Lifive No.1536 Awoken Dancing Queen Hera-Ur No.2722 Awoken Hephaestus No.1590 Peach Garden General, Guan Yinping No.919 Elemental of Harsh Flame, Shaitan No.1712 Unyielding Samurai Dragon King, Zaerog No.1210 The Eternal Bird, Phoenix No.2806 War God of Protection, Takeminakata

 Team Setups 

 Krishna Team Setup

No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishnaempty.PNGempty.PNGempty.PNGempty.PNGNo.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna

Krishna teams are incredibly flexible. That’s what makes him so great. Need a delay? Throw it in. TPA, rows, hybrid? They all work very well. There is a basic setup, but make sure to know that it isn’t the best for every dungeon.

You should probably have a board changer to tackle bad boards, and have an orb changer that pairs well with said board change. That’s two slots out of the way. The last two slots can be cards with strong actives, ideally orb changers that also makes hearts or a hazard clearer. If you need a bind clear or another utility, throw it in as well. As long as it’s fire it’ll get the multiplier :D.

Scarlet System Setup

No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna No.2206 Broad-Minded Hell Demon, Scarlet No.2206 Broad-Minded Hell Demon, Scarlet No.2206 Broad-Minded Hell Demon, Scarlet No.2206 Broad-Minded Hell Demon, Scarlet No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. While this team may be fun, it’s viability is very questionable. A Scarlet system is strong on Awoken Cao Cao because he’s a very glass canon leader. He also only needs 6 orbs to deal damage. When it comes to such an orb hungry team like Krishna, making a mere 4 orbs per turn, you’ll find that its often you don’t have orbs. If you rely entirely on the RNG from your Krishna actives, you’ll find yourself trolled by them as well.

This team also lacks utility, such as board changers or delays. This can be fixed with inheritance on your leaders, but in all honestly there are better options. Krishna isn’t a fast paced leader, so don’t play him like one.

 Example Teams 

Potato✩PAD’s Team

No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna No.2901 Awoken Cao Cao No.2657 No.2663 Reminiscent Norn, Urd No.2981 Awoken Ame no Uzume No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna

No.2390 Thought Spinner Norn, Verdandi No.2012 Awoken Ra No.2512 Holy Night Red Dragon Caller, Sonia empty.PNG No.2185 Blazing CyberDragon, Thuban empty.PNG

The first row is my actual team, and the second row are my inherits. I tried creating a balance of utility with a good damage team. I have a poison hazard clear, a fire/heart maker, 3 board changers, and a bind clear.

I put Verdandi onto Krishna because it pairs well with Yamato Takeru. Awoken Ra is on Cao Cao mainly for my rouge farming, but it is a good backup utility to have. Christmas Ronia is on Yamato Takeru because I used to farm Machine Hera and never took it down. It’s not a bad inherit, another board changer is always nice. Thuban is on my Ame because I didn’t want her to be a wasteful slot when she wasn’t bind clearing or giving extra RCV.

I don’t think this team is the “ideal” setup. I don’t even think there is an ideal setup due to how flexible his subpool is. I’ll discuss a few more team examples below. Hopefully they give more insight on how to build a team for Krishna.

Example REM Team

No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna No.2657 No.1262 Divine Flower Suzaku, Leilan No.3101 Patriot Warrior, Sanada Yukimura Confusing Face Great Duke of Hell, Dantalion No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna

Here’s a team I built that seems pretty strong. Although it lacks utility, a lot of it can be inherited on. There are 3 fire/heart makers, making the team very tanky. Leilan’s dragon and god killers allows you to dish out a ton of damage, and her active can pair with both Yamato and Sanada depending on the board you get.

Looking at your inheritance options, I would put Silk on one of the leaders, as well as a delay or strong board changer on the other. Dantalion definitely needs another skill- his active is good but doesn’t make that many fires. While none of your cards can bind clear, you can sub out Dantalion and throw a bind clearer in whenever you need it.

Example Farmable Team

No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna No.1272 Red Mech General, Elder Jotunn    No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna

I built a team with a few strong subs, and this is what I ended up with. The only utility I brought was a shield. The RCV is also really low. Good Krishna teams are really hard to build with farmable subs only.

If you have off-color inheritance options- like Verdandi or something, you can inherit them onto your team.

Husbando Team

No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna     No.3068 灼天の勇将神, Krishna

People are always complaining about a lack of Husbandos in the game, but with Krishna as best Husbando and Set as a sub option, you can build this team.

This team is incredibly powerful, and you can clear every single dungeon. What most people don’t know is that when you have a full team of Husbandos,  you get a special boost from the king of husbandos and win automatically.

With this team, your team is basically all Set. Haha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha? Yeah I need to stop wasting time and finish this guide :V.



A quick search of “灼天の勇将神・クリシュナ” in Youtube will get you plenty of videos. I fetched some of the ones I saw. If you find an interesting clear, let me know. The more videos the better.

Arena 1

Arena 2

Arena 3

Machine Hera

Machine Zeus

+297 Zeus

  • couldn’t find any, let me know if you get some results

+297 Hera

Please comment below if you have a video link that showcases Krishna! The more the better! Thank you all! 


Thanks for reading my guide, if you’re all the way down here. This guide was slower to complete, around 10 days of time. I probably won’t be sharing it on Reddit until Krishna is announced so it actually applies to the majority of the player base.

Please let me know if I missed anything or if you have feedback/criticism. I tried to find a large pool of subs but I may have missed some important ones. Message me on Discord at Potato*PAD if i missed anything, or comment below. Thanks!

I’ll be beginning a new Teambuilding guide soon. I’m not 100% sure on which leader to do, but Halloween Xiang Mei and D/L Kanna sound like fun. I definitely want to stay away from another fire leader, I’ve already done 2 in a row…

Thank you for reading my blog, Potato, out.

8 thoughts on “[Teambuilding] Krishna

  1. I can build the REM team, though I have NY Leilan instead of ALeilan (selling every Leilan I pull since I literally never got to put her to use and NY beats the others still), own all the other subs but I also have 2 Daltanion and a Napoleon to use. Any thoughts on what to use? :/
    If you’d like to put something else in there I can tell you I have them, I lack Silk and Ameno.


    • yikes, don’t sell your Leilans! There are definitely situations (many, actually), that they exceed NY’s abilities. 2 danltanion is overkill, one should be enough. Napoleon should only be used if you need a shield. (depends on dungeon).

      Just play around in endless with a team packed with strong subs (synergy, too), and fix it depending on what you like/dislike


      • I have no use for Leilan at all, I’m not even playing anything red apart from my red ronove team, so I was happier about 5k MP than having something clog my box that I’ll never use anyway.

        I also believe a heartmaker with haste should be pretty beneficial on a team focused on stalling out for good stuff, since he has an effective cooldown of 6 turns whilst shortening those of other, more crucial skills at the same time


  2. I think you under estimate the krishna/scarlet system as a team. I have been able to clear arena several times with this setup since his release. I have Ronia inherited on Krishna for Kali or when full board change is needed and Freyr on one of the Scarlets. I would probably sub in Antares for one Scarlet if I had her. Only real problem I’ve ran into is getting bound.

    Great article though! Keep up the good work.


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