Posting Schedule

After a bit of thought, I’ve decided that following a strict schedule might actually spoil the motivation I currently have. I think that just having a pool of topics to write about would probably be wiser.

  1. Collab REM Reviews: A collab that returns or a new one in NA will always be reviewed by me. (Note that JP only collabs won’t be getting analyzed)
  2. Godfest Analysis: Whenever a Godfest in NA is announced, I’ll review the cards featured each day and discuss which day is generally better. If you’d like tips on which day to roll, feel free to comment below with screenshots/Padherder. (Setsu does something similar on his blog, so try it with him first)
  3. Stream Reviews: Whenever a JP/NA stream takes place, I’ll review the content and give my thoughts. In all honesty JP streams will be much more interesting than NA streams. Regardless, NA streams do decide the rewards we get, so I’ll be checking those out as well.
  4. Team Update: If my team changes, I’ll likely post and discuss the change. This will likely be a once a month post, in the beginning of every month I’ll post a new set of teams that I am playing. A lot can change in a month about your teams, even if you are non-IAP.
  5. New Cards: When new cards are released in JP that can possibly come to NA, I’ll analyze them and discuss their effect on the current game.
  6. Status Update: These will be a very often thing, where I update my progress in the game. If I do a lot in a day, these will be daily. If I don’t, I will probably merge two or three days together. I’m hoping that the constant status updates will help others with their game through tracking what I am doing.
  7. Box Tour: These won’t be as often as the other ones, obviously. If I hit a milestone on this website or in my game I might as well just show off my box a bit.

Plenty more reasons for me to post. Maybe my stamina is out. Maybe I feel like ranting. Who knows? The possibilities are endless. (And when I say endless I mean endless corridors endless in which it’s not really endless :D)