One Shot Challenge 13 (Overview)

Introduction For many months, NA's lack two of the best utility subs for farming has established a small dent in  our farming team's capabilities. With One Shot Challenge 13, NA has finally gained access to Drahklist, Whaledor, and Raguel- three cards previous locked to PAD Radar on the JP Side. This post will just be … Continue reading One Shot Challenge 13 (Overview)

[Guide] Making an Alt. Account Pt. 1

Introduction Recently, I’ve been creating new accounts and pulling randomly- attempting to pull something that can jumpstart me on a secondary account. I haven’t had much success, and even during godfests and PCGF I found myself pulling several silvers. Luck is currently gating me from getting a perfect start, and although a perfect start isn’t … Continue reading [Guide] Making an Alt. Account Pt. 1