[NA][Guide] FF Collab Ranking Dungeon

Introduction The FF Collab Tournament is nearly here, bringing a fixed team showcasing some of their REM cards. You'll face off 6 stages of Final Fantasy bosses, all with the special conditions of Noctis' leader skill. Whether if you're looking for getting your first crown or adding one to your growing collection, this is the tournament to … Continue reading [NA][Guide] FF Collab Ranking Dungeon


[Guide] Descended Challenge! 26

Introduction The current Descended Challenge is up, and by the looks of it the dungeons are giving a few people some trouble! This challenge features 5 distinct fixed teams, which is a nice change of pace from the other challenges we've been getting lately. This means that you'll be forced to use Gungho's team template … Continue reading [Guide] Descended Challenge! 26

[Ranking Dungeon] Elemental Brawl Tournament Strategy

             Introduction Gungho has finally released the Elemental Brawl Tournament ranking dungeon in NA. If I recall correctly, it's been already more than half a year since it came in JP. The delay doesn't make much of a difference in our scores, because it is a ranking dungeon where your team is set already. … Continue reading [Ranking Dungeon] Elemental Brawl Tournament Strategy