About Me

Hey y’all! I’m a potato that plays Puzzle and Dragons! 

Just kidding. I’m a sad poor student but I’m sure I had you fooled.

I’ve been playing PAD for quite some time and on the first of October in 2016 I decided to start a blog. Just playing PAD was not enough for me anymore, and I needed something else to satiate my endless hunger for PAD. So boom, a blog.

Because I am a poor and sad student, I don’t have money to spend, and I don’t plan on spending money either. Lots of other bloggers are heavy IAP or light IAP, so I wanted to make a blog based around a 100% non-IAP’s perspective) This doesn’t mean I don’t spend a lot of time on this game, because I definitely do…) I’ve actually turned down gift cards in the past because I wanted to stay pure from spending money. Once I begin, I’ll never be able to go back.

I had a Youtube channel a while back, but my old recorder stopped working and I haven’t found a new one compatible with my current phone. Probably a good thing, though… less time spent on PAD. Here it is if you want to check out really old videos with really bad comboing.. (Potato*PAD)

I wrote for about a month back in 2016, then took a long break due to school and laziness. I began posting again starting in June, and will likely continue until school begins again (in which I will be forced to slow down).

Last updated 6/18/2017