Gentleman Ults Analysis/Discussion


This past week consisted of me being repeatedly railed by several tests, so I couldn’t find the time in-between my studying and crying to write anything. With the weekend finally here, I can drown my sorrows in some light PAD analysis. What’s more exciting than some new Gentleman ults? Definitely not my CS homework.

On 10/25, Gungho released the information for the Gentleman series’ evolutions, consisting of Xiang Mei, You Yu, Xiu Min, and Xin Hua. The series receiving evolutions is quite a big deal. For starters, all of these cards are sold in the MP shop for 300k MP each— which basically means that they’re farmable. Secondly, with many newer card features such as the 3×3 Heart Block awakening being locked specifically behind rare REM rolls, these evolutions provide a farmable alternative that also provide some of the new features. Lastly, they’re just solid cards in general.

I’ll split this post into 4 different sections and dedicate each section to the gentleman. Enjoy the analyses— hopefully you can find it insightful.

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Translations and card information are taken from Link HERE for the full news post to view awakenings, leader skill, etc. 

Xiang Mei


Leader Sub Overall
C+ A+ B+


To be perfectly honest, XM’s leader value hasn’t improved much. The numbers themselves don’t seem bad— 2.25/144/1 can survive in the meta and is comparable to Revo Kushi. You don’t even need to match 3 heart combos to hit her max multiplier. The bigger issue is XM’s limited subpool.

Before the evo, ideal XMei teams would run three XMei (900k MP), a huge investment for a team that quickly dropped off the tier lists. Although the ult gave XMei more damage, there aren’t any new amazing subs to pick up (other than herself). Even assuming you have three XMei to build the ideal team, the MP investment for a card negatively balanced because of it’s “low cost” isn’t generally worth it for what you recieve.


I’m giving XMei an ‘A’ grade for sub value just because of the scarcity of the new 3×3 Heart Block awakening. As time progresses and more cards are released with this awakening, her value will likely deteriorate.

The Attacker Killer awakening is also a bit of a red flag for harder content (off the top of my head, Vishnu has corresponding typing). You can, of course, leave the killer awakening unawakened.

I’m honestly unsure how important the 3×3 Heart Awakening will be for the meta, as row teams aren’t exactly hot stuff right now. If we see a resurgence of row leaders in the meta, cards like XM might make a comeback in value. For now, she sleeps.

You Yu


Leader Sub Overall
C- S A


Glass canons will stay glass canons. Unfortunately, YY did not gain any multiplier to help out his HP. While blue teams generally have high HP, gaining the RCV boost requires at least 6 water orbs, a very orb heavy system.

Damage is definitely not much of an issue and is grants a very generous multiplier for the orb requirement. The main aspect holding YY back is definitely his ability to hit those numbers before dying to big hits or failing to heal enough.


This might be biased thinking, but I really like the double 7c awakenings. We’ve seen how effective they’ve been at making amazing subs for combo based teams. Blue Hunter can make use of him, and just about every team that likes big numbers can. His active skill might not fare well with some teams, but at 7 turns, inheritance looks pretty desirable. The best part is— he’s farmable.

Xiu Min


Leader Sub Overall
A- S A+


Now that Xiu Min has a shield built into his leader skill, he actually seems quite strong. Damage is not an issue, and with so much HP, the biggest problem would be healing. You could pair him with something like Tifa or Ilmina and run a tanky team with decent RCV.

The problem here is that even with a built-in shield, his effectiveness as a leader is questionable. Rows as a whole is not in a good spot. We’ll have to see what JP players come up with in terms of builds and if Gungho’s new awakenings combined with new cards allows rows to resurface as a dominant team style.


Probably slightly biased again because of my use of Ameno. XMin is a FUA card, stat powerhouse, and row tank all at the same time. His active skill’s physical buff may not be necessary for most teams, but the rest of his card is incredibly solid on teams like Ameno or Yog. I’m looking forward for his ult and already planning on buying him when I save up the MP.

Xin Hua


Leader Sub Overall
D+ S B+


Meh. No HP buff, no viability.


Very similar thinking to XMin above. XHua is a very solid card, but doesn’t have a good place in the current metagame. Perhaps if row teams would make a comeback, she would be an amazing sub. For now, she’s a niche card with a niche use.


Feel free to ask questions on my grades and thoughts. I’m going to sleep.



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