Blog Update and Future Plans

After some hard grinding and thicc test curves, my APUSH grade has been pulled out of the depths (kinda). While it’s nothing like a glorious A, it’s far better than what I had before.


With school not really stabilized, I can begin planning to blog again. However, I find it important to set personal limits for myself on my level of investment. Over the past few months- ever since school began, my PAD lifestyle was nothing more than a daily login to collect rewards, maybe running a few dungeons occasionally. Given my current workload, I don’t see that changing much, especially after most of my PAD time is now being spent on Shadowverse (blame Reco).

Due to my down time, I am currently not all that familiar with the meta. I am a little behind in-game as well- sometimes I find myself too lazy to clear dungeons to even roll. This past PCGF, I rolled a total of one time (silver egg, if anyone’s curious). PAD is more of a grind than anything else, and I find that I enjoy this casual playstyle more than how I used to play. I will probably continue to invest in this blog, although my understanding of the game will continue to fog as time progresses. There’s so much to keep up with, and without my previous level of investment, I don’t feel like I can understand the game as much as I could. Still, I hope that my posts/whatever I put out still provide some kind of insight.

This post was just to provide some closure on the situation. I apologize to those who actually regularly consumed my content- I definitely won’t be outputting as much as before. The Halloween cards do look fun- I might do a short post on them. For the time being, thank you all for reading. Have a wonderful day, and remember- school before PAD. <– pretend that rhymed.


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