Thoughts on Fenrir, Viz, and Thor


I wanted to jot down a few thoughts on the new cards released yesetday morning, so here it is. Fenrir, Fenrir Viz, and Thor all received one or more evolutions, and there is without a doubt some interesting aspects to them (mostly in Thor’s gender…)

I won’t be going into terribly deep analysis- I’m definitely not passionate enough about these cards to do so- but I’ll write out my basic impressions of these cards and their places in the current metagame. I’m also going to implement simple grading into the analyses for those who don’t want to read the text. Let’s get into it.

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Executive Summary


Fenrir receives 2 new evolutions.

Sub Form

Leader Form

Fenrir Viz

Fenrir Viz receives 2 new evolutions.

Sub Form

Leader Form


Thor receives 1 evolution

Revo Form

Reincarnated Thor


Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
B- A- B+ B+

This art was a surprise… but a welcome one. Gender bend Thor is best Thor. Past version of female Thor for reference. For those who aren’t aware, this female version of Thor has mythological roots. You can do your own research if you want to learn more 😉

Before I flood you all with overused trap jokes, I’ll at least list out my first impressions. This evolution is long overdue- the rest of the Norse gods have already received their Revo forms a while back. It’s not surprising that Thor is behind in the meta because of this. His awakenings make him quite a powerhouse, but the addition of an extra row instead of 7-combo awakening confuses me. It’s possibly because of the controversy regarding Leilan (a row card) recieving 7-combo awakening, so… Thanks a lot, JP playerbase.

Overall, he’s she’s a solid card. Perhaps Yog teams that don’t reach enough damage (ha!) can utilize her.

Fenrir (Sub)


Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
N/A A (Niche) Niche B

Fenrir got some extra attack, a Skill Boost, and a TPA. If he wasn’t on your team before, this form probably isn’t too exciting. For those who plan on leading with Fenrir’s leader form, sub Fenrir is a strict upgrade from his other forms. Dupes are also great for their God killer awakenings so that the team’s damage is balanced.

His uses are too niche and narrow to compare him with non-jammer meta cards, but he himself shines as his own sub.

Fenrir (Lead)


Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
A+ N/A Niche A+

We’re looking at a leader with tanking capabilities as well as damage. We’re looking at a x306.25 multiplier, which should do fine in the current glass canon meta. While Fenrir’s base RCV is low, his x6.25 multiplier (assuming two leader Fenrirs) along with plusses allows the team to heal easily as well.

His ideal sub is definitely going to be duplicates of his sub form, and depending on how strong his shield is, Fenrir could be a very viable leader. He boasts a unconditational 6.25x to deal with enemies like Sopdet and Parvarti as well. The big gap in damage makes mid tier absorb enemies harder to deal with, however. (Vishnu, Icedragon, Etc.) With the new pixel awakenings, subs like Noctis and Seph can be utilized to deal with enemies like Zeus Dragon and Noah Dragon. Actually looking forward to seeing what he can do.

Fenrir Viz (Sub)


Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
N/A S Niche A

Same deal as Fenrir’s sub form. Amazing sub for both Viz’s leader form and Fenrir’s. Awakenings look very stacked, full with damage potential and God killer. Even on teams that aren’t jammer based, Viz’s low cooldown (3 turns), along with his powerful awakenings make him a hard hitting sub on any team. (The god killer could be annoying at times).

Fenrir Viz (Lead)


Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
? Niche Niche A

Until we know the scaling of his multiplier, we can’t make heavy predictions about Viz’s viability in the meta. Whatever the jammer combo requirement is for full multiplier, we’re still looking at a 225x leader with RCV and HP to back that damage up. The double God Killer is also the first of it’s kind (you can also use God killer latents!) that can be incredibly useful in farming. I can’t make further assumptions without knowing the scaling, so I’ll just leave it there.


It’s nice that the jammer meta is getting some love (even though I don’t have any Fenrirs). I’m even more hyped about Thor’s new waifu status though. Make sure to protect that smile.


Or not.



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