Reincarnated Athena Analysis


It looks like Gungho is beginning to hand out reincarnated evolutions to some of the forgotten descend bosses- which I welcome with open arms. Anything that takes the weight off the REM and onto farmable cards makes my already empty wallet happy.

Gungho recently released the card information for Athena Helios (Fire Athena), and given that fire is my favorite (and best) color, I can’t wait to theorycraft for her. This post will be a short analysis on her card, predicting overall practicality, leader value, sub value, and more. Make sure to smash that like button, and if you haven’t already- subscribe for more quality videos.

First Impressions


At first glance, her awakenings are quite strong, albeit not having SBR. However, it might be a little tricky and restrictive teambuilding for her as there aren’t as many fire double SBR cards (you can count them on two hands). Her true value comes in the form of her killer awakenings and TPA, allowing her to do high amounts of damage to a number of enemies. Dragon killer probably holds more value than healer killer, but both have their own implications. Having both also means that both Light Kali and Dark Kali fall prey to her damage. Overall, her awakenings more than make up for her lack of SBR. Let’s not forget that this is a farmable card.

Her lack of RCV isn’t too underwhelming given that she gives 2x RCV in her leader skill. Her HP and ATK are both above average- especially for a farmable card- and pairs nicely with her 3 TPA.

The active skill isn’t impressive at first glance, but has a low enough cooldown to justify inheritance. Leader skill is purely glass canon with no HP multiplier, but after deeper analysis there might be a stronger pairing that makes the team more tanky.

Deeper Analysis

Leader Value: 1/81/4 is strong, but not enough to survive in the meta. While your RCV should be fine, I don’t see how stalling is possible/easy without a solid HP multiplier in place. If you wanted to use her to her full potential, you’d need a leader pairing that gives HP as well.

Reincarnated Leilan comes to mind, reducing damage from all colors along with a 4.5x multiplier. I’m a bit worried about the damage being too low, along with the ambiguous focus on TPA or rows. I feel like TPAs would be easier, but many strong fire subs are row based. Minerva reduces more damage, but only for Fire/Light/Dark enemies.

Solais is another option, granting 1.5x HP. However, your team would all need Light attribute to gain her 5x unconditional multiplier. If you were to run a full team of Leilans, this could work fine. Otherwise, other sub options are surprisingly scarce.

There’s the obvious pairings with Ilmina and Ilm, but the HP issue isn’t fixed. Ilmina has the built in shield, but 25% might be too low. You’re granted a bigger board, but the damage is even lower.

Overall, I don’t see her having a big place in the meta as a leader. The lack of an HP multiplier really hurts for for hard content. She might have to stick with dungeons where the hits aren’t hard, or bring many shields to make up for the squishiness.

Sub Value: Athena Helios is an incredibly hard hitting sub, and with TPA combined with her killers, she can be a stable on fire teams. The lack of SBR is her main weakness, so if you plan on running her on your team and don’t have 100% SBR, you’ll need a double SBR sub. Antares, Reincarnated Horus, Rozuel, Reincarnated Freyr, and Kenshiro are all options. I can see her as a sub on Shiva DRagon

That’s all my thoughts for now. I can’t wait to see what JP players come up with. I’m going to hypermax Athena early in anticipation.




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