Progress Update [7/24/2017]


The +15 event has finally ended alongside the EXP boost for technical dungeons, and without the EXP boost I can no longer chain rank. Additionally, I don’t have much motivation to play with no +egg event in place. I’ll just hibernate until the next event comes along, and if something interesting is announced in JP I’ll talk about that. Otherwise, this will be the only post for a while. I have a ton of summer homework I pushed aside (along with some ACT stuff I need to get finished) that I have to catch up on.

Blog updates aside, I made sure to take advantage of the EXP event, and grinded out quite a bit of plus eggs and EXP. That was basically all I did this event, so nothing really interesting happened. This post will be quite short because of that.

New +297 Cards

Patriot Warrior, Sanada Yukimura Heroic Firelight Sword, Claiomh Solais

I plussed my second Sanada just because I love fire rows as a whole. I’m hoping his awoken brings fire back into the metagame. Solais is my button base, so I plussed her for that sweet extra ATK stat.

Reincarnated Sun Quan Skyformer Galaxy Goddess, Nut Patrolling Star Angel, Famiel Blue Sky Goddess of Dawn, Khepri

All of these are either subs/inherits on my Blue Hunter team, so I plussed them either for the base stats or inherit stats. Khepri is a sub for multiple teams- Ra Dragon or Anubis if I need the extra combos, Ameno if I’m playing something like 3p (combo absorb on the bosses), or even Blue Hunter if I’m too lazy to combo hard.

Reincarnated Parvati Inquisitive Hell Phantom Heiress, Romia

Parvati is a stable sub on my Acala team, and also serves as a possible base on my Ra Dragon team. Romia is a staple on my Anubis team.

Awoken Baal

Only light card I hypermaxed. Baal is a hard hitting sub on my Ameno team.

Reincarnated Pandora God of Awe and Fear, Vajrabhairava

Second Pandora for the meme system- Vajrbha for the easy resolve killer.


Future Endeavors/Goals

  • Build & Refine: N/A

The majority of my teams are finished, and the only thing I needed- plus eggs- is now complete. Until I roll something new or find myself wanting to use a new leader, there’s not much to build or refine.

  • Farm: N/A

There is no event active, so there’s not much to do. I’ll just wait for the next event.

  • Prepare: Ranking Dungeon, Godfests

Same thing as before. Just stocking up stones and trying to fight the temptation to yolo roll.

 Macromanagement Updates

Rank Update (since 7/18/17)


20292195_1851591868501979_696013124_n - Copy.png

MP Update (since 7/18/17)

20179684_1847801995547633_930365042_n - Copy.png


Last Thoughts

Whew. There’s not much to write about these days. Hopefully, the JP stream coming up this week brings some new exciting features or cards. Back to ACT practice tests, see y’all later.




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