Shinrabansho Collab REM Review



The Shinrabansho Collab is returning very soon, and brings along a… questionable REM lineup at best with a load of terrible silvers. With PAD Academy and June Bride both scheduled in the future, many players are contemplating saving their stones (and wallets) for a chance at those featured cards instead of spending on a this REM.

Regardless of the disgustingly high number of silvers, there are definitely a few interesting cards available, and before you decide to exile this collab REM forever away from your stones, take a look at the featured cards and determine if you have any use for them. Many of the possible rolls have niche uses- Asmodeus, for example, makes for a fine Haku replacement on Kush teams while “only” being a 5 star roll. Other cards are useful on button teams or have their own niche uses. While the REM as a whole isn’t too shiny, there are several cards that do serve convenient purposes, and depending on the state of your teams you might want to consider testing your luck and doing a few rolls (or more, I won’t judge), to satiate your needs.

Enjoy the review, let’s begin.

Collab Overview

8 Stars

No.2569 Green Gleaming Star Kirin, Sakuya Another

7 Stars

No.2570 Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia Another No.3425 碧地の風龍喚士・カエデ アナザー No.2568 Guardian of the Sacred City, Athena Another

5 Stars

No.1973 Shining Wing Kiriko Another No.3424 煌天流星王ギンガ No.3007 Flash Adventure Lover, Van Crow No.2245 Omnipotent Harmony Goddess, Balancile Another No.2249 Pure-Blooded Demon Queen, Asmodeus Another

4 Stars

No.1979 Shinra Soul Beast Sai No.1980 Shinra Sun God Apollo No.1981 Shinra Sacred Dragon God Saiga No.2247 Awoken Lightweight Armor Queen, Polaris No.1977 Shinra Golden God Maxius No.1978 Shinra Ultimate God Kai No.1975 Shinra Sacred Demon God Ark No.3009 Giselle and Giant Dokuro

Grading System

Cards are graded according to this system in three separate categories- and combine to reach an overall grade. The overall grade is NOT an average of the other grades, but instead a “weighted average”, where clear implications of a card’s usage will be more heavily weighted towards. For example, Ra Dragon receiving an S in leader value and C in sub value does not drag down Ra Dragon’s grade, as he is basically made to be a leader. Treat the overall grade as a separate grade on how generally useful the card is.

If there’s a certain amount of analysis, I’ll have a short list of pros and cons under each card if you don’t feel like reading the analysis. Basically a TLDR. Also, if the card only has one or two overarching qualities (only useful for a specific purpose), I’ll skip the grading/pros+cons on that card and cut right to the chase. This will be most common for the lower rarity cards, but some high rarity cards may also be like this.

The four categories are listed below. Grades range from S+ all the way down to F (sometimes even further down the alphabet if the card really sucks). The grades are given based on the rarity of the card. If you disagree with any of my grades feel free to comment your opinions.

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall

8 Stars

Sakuya Another

Green Gleaming Star Kirin, Sakuya Another

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
F D Niche D
Pros Cons
  • Inheritable Gravity
  • Literally everything else

Talk about disappointing. It’s a shame that just because she’s a purchasable monster in the MP shop, Gungho made her basically trash tier. She has fallen off the meta way too hard way too long ago, and Gungho has made no efforts to bring her even a bit back. Bad leader skill, niche active skill, stats don’t stand out, awakenings are substandard, and overall just an inadequate card.

There are certain dungeons where inheritable gravities are useful (Colosseum, for example), but her gravity is pretty weak even for that niche use. Not to mention there’s literally a 5 star in the same collab with gravity twice as strong. Don’t buy her unless you’re a collector (and even then…), and I’m sorry for your loss if you do roll her.

7 Stars

Sonia Another

Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia Another

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
F A B B+
Pros Cons
  • Quality Awakenings
    • co-op boost
    • 7 combo awakening
  • Farming Value
  • No leader value

Sorry, Red Sonia! Gungho decided to skip your leader skill buffs this time around, so you’re basically still useless as a leader (not surprising). Leaving her leader value aside…

Sonia Another has always been a luxury farming sub for teams like ACC and Yamamoto, and with her new 7 combo awakening I guess it adds a few more possibilities. She’s a bicolor board after all, and has pretty decent awakenings (2 skill boosts). For combo shields, she can be a luxury version of other bicolor boards. There might be some bias here because ACC is my go-to farming team, but Sonia Another doesn’t really open any new doors for farming teams- she merely does what other cards do better. A small bonus is her ability to equip machine killer latents, so we’ll see where she stands once Machine Goemon’s dungeon comes out.

Kaede Another

碧地の風龍喚士・カエデ アナザー

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
A- A+ B- A-
Pros Cons
  • Decent leader value
    • damage control
    • passable damage
  • Fair awakenings
  • Great sub
  • 7 star rarity
  • Heart cross has fallen

Kaede Another is merely a remake of a leader of the past, decayed over time by Gungho’s heart cross counter tactics and what-not. Note that when this collab was active in Japan, Kaede was already falling off of the meta (hard). It’s pretty much the same situation for us more or less, but we’re well aware that there are plenty of strong leaders coming in the future and that Kaede isn’t present there.

Kaede Another is basically a strict upgrade over Kaede, bringing unbindability, a stronger active and leader skill in exchange for a longer cooldown on her active. She has decent damage control with her scaling active and can go up to 110.25x multiplier with a 75% shield. She has higher damage compared to regular Kaede, but not only needs 4 green combos instead of 3, but also requires a full team of haste actives in order to build a system. That fact aside, heart cross has been falling out ever since Gungho re-introduced higher combo shields and damage requirements in newer dungeons. Kaede Another may be hyped up for a bit, but won’t find much success in the current metagame due to the natural state of heart cross.

She is a very good sub for many teams. Anywhere you would run regular Kaede should find an upgrade with Kaede Another. However, it’s hard to justify specifically rolling for her as she’s just a mediocre upgrade over an already deteriorating leader. Overall, the small leader and sub value improvements from regular Kaede aren’t worth emptying your wallet for.

Athena Another

Guardian of the Sacred City, Athena Another

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
B Niche D B+
Pros Cons
  • Passable leader value
    • high HP
    • RCV varies
  • Niche: Co-op SI Base Value
  • Guard Break awakening
  • 7 star rarity
  • Heart cross has fallen
  • Poor active skill
  • Low damage (56.25x)

PADX doesn’t have the updated leader skill (I was about to give her a failing grade in leader value before I realized something was up), so I’ll type it out here: 1.35x HP and 3x ATK for God type. Reduces damage by half and ATK x2.5 when erasing a heart cross. So I guess Gungho also decided to tack a heart cross onto her formerly terrible leader skill and call it a day.

She’s not too bad as a leader, bringing 1.82/56.25/1 along with the heart cross magnifying HP and RCV by a factor of four. However, the damage is overall on the lower side, and you’re going to have to amplify rows and/or TPA in order to hit higher damage. She’s also bindable, so for harder content it’s pretty much required to bring a bind clear- also eating up a slot. The Athena x Myr pairing is also an option instead of going with ditto Athena. You get one unbindable leader, making it occasionally possible to get away with having binds. You also have more movement time, trading away 1.35 HP. Still not a strong leader, by any means. Even in Arena 3 she’ll struggle with damage without gemstones or other burst actives. She’ll struggle even more in newer dungeons.

Most people will just use her as a sub in co-op for button teams. Her high active combined with her co-op boost makes her a desirable base for cards like Grimmjow. She also brings guard break, so it’s possible to run her on teams like Ra Dragon to sweep Predras (not unbindable though).

5 Stars

Kiriko Another

Fire Hammer Kiriko Another Shining Wing Kiriko Another

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
F B B+ B

Kiriko is a standard tricolor board changer that includes hearts- hosting the same three colors as Saria without the haste. Generally speaking, many of the teams that previously used her as a sub are all long gone from the meta (cough Xiang Mei cough). There are a few teams that can utilize her active off the top of my head: Kenshin, Solais, Myr, and Red Myr. Sadly, because her active isn’t very rare, there are other options to take her place on these teams. She was definitely better back in the day- nowadays her active skill isn’t worth the lower stats and arguably worse awakenings compared to other cards.

King Ginga

流星王ギンガ 煌天流星王ギンガ

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
C+ Niche C B

Ginga’s awakenings stack on two 7 combo awakenings, meaning he can do a lot of damage when he needs to. However, his active is only useful for a few teams (Odin Dragon, Ceres Ana, Mei Mei) and brings very mediocre stats. You shouldn’t go out of your way to put him on teams just for the 7 combo boost as he’ll likely hurt other aspects of your team (no SBR, rest of the awakenings are fairly weak). As a leader, Ginga is a match-five leader that gives 2x HP and 3x ATK to balanced types. When matching 5 orbs with one enhance, this is raised to 6x ATK. While he can deal decent amounts of damage given his awakenings, his sub pool is very restrictive and has no RCV to back up the high HP. The double 7 combo awakenings were not really enough to make up for the rest of his faults.

Saiga Another

Sacred Dragon King Saiga Another Light Dragon King Saiga Another Shinra Dragon God Saiga Another

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
B- A+ B+ A+

Saiga Another has been buffed, receiving an extra 7 combo awakening, which Gungho is basically giving out for free these days. Overall, his leader skill isn’t amazing (PADx hasn’t updated, it’s basically a 4.5x for green when HP is full, 3.5x when no along with 2x HP for light). Saiga Another does have a lot of sub value however, and I’m looking specifically at Caladbolg in the new weapons series.

Van Crow

Adventure Lover, Van Crow Strong Arm Adventure Lover, Van Crow Flash Adventure Lover, Van Crow

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
C+ A+ (Niche) S (Niche) A+ (Niche)

Van Crow brings a huge 40% gravity, currently the biggest inheritable gravity in the game. It’s a bit sad, but he’s probably better than all the 7 stars in terms of usefulness. He’s a straight up upgrade from literally every other gravity (give or take true gravities or Zera), and will be incredibly helpful in dungeons like Colosseum or other resolve based enemies. His awakenings are also pretty good, so you could use him for his active instead of inheriting.

Balancile Another

Harmony Goddess, Balancile Another Omnipotent Harmony Goddess, Balancile Another

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
F C D C-

She has a lot of awakenings, bringing 3 dark rows, 3 light rows, a skill boost, and a SBR. However, That’s basically all that’s going for her. Splitting her awakenings between light and dark weakens her as a card, as there’s not many leader looking for that damage split between two colors of rows. Her active isn’t really special either.

Asmodeus Another

War Princess Asmodeus Another Phantom Demon Queen Asmo-Deus Another Pure-Blooded Demon Queen, Asmodeus Another

Leader Sub Inheritance Overall
B+ A+ B+ A+

Asmodeus is a replacement option for Haku on Revo Kushi teams. Stats wise, Haku has her beat. However, her active allows for both healing, attacking, and green damage to occur at the same time. Haku boards only allows Haku to attack, as she spawns no green orbs. Their awakenings are also very similar, both bringing 7 combo awakenings with Asmodeus even bringing 2 SBR if your team needs it. She also makes a great sub for Dath, also possibly replacing Haku when you can’t roll another one.

She’s also a better leader than all the other golds, with overall value comparable to some of the diamond rolls. Rolling specifically for her isn’t actually a bad option, as she is only a five star.

4 Stars

No.1979 Shinra Soul Beast Sai No.1980 Shinra Sun God Apollo No.1981 Shinra Sacred Dragon God Saiga No.2247 Awoken Lightweight Armor Queen, Polaris No.1977 Shinra Golden God Maxius No.1978 Shinra Ultimate God Kai No.1974 Shinra Sorcerer God Moebius No.1975 Shinra Sacred Demon God Ark No.3009 Giselle and Giant Dokuro

None of the 4 stars in the Shinra lineup are any good. Most of them are just worse versions of the Norse actives, and with the recent Norse active buffs from 2 turns to 3 turns, they’re overshadowed even more. Some of these cards used to be useful when cost restricted dungeons were still a thing. Now, none of them are really useful for anything.

Polaris is an inheritable delay, but it’s only for 1 turn.

Giselle and Giant Dokuro has an interesting active much like Serket’s, reducing damage for each SBR on your team. However, the shield lasts a mere single turn and brings an unimpressive 8% per SBR.

The rest are just worse versions of the Norse actives. To be perfectly honest, this is a pretty sad silver lineup. If you roll and a silver egg pops out, I suggest you just delete the app and cry.


To be perfectly frank, overall this REM sucks. Most collab REMs bring at least some interesting silvers to the table. This collab doesn’t. The mediocre list of silvers that this REM brings is a huge turn-off for many players- including myself, and is the reason why chasing after some of the rarer cards will likely yield ugly results.

While the silvers actually makes me question reality, there are some very unique and decent cards packed into the gold and diamond range. Depending on what you need, you can test your luck. Unless you have a really good reason to, don’t chase after the 7 stars- for most players they’re not worth it. And don’t even think about buying Sakuya from the store.

Whether you’re gunning for Asmodeus to fill in your Kush team, or for Van Crow’s crazy 40% gravity, best of luck to you. I hope that your gold to silver ratio is not as ugly as it was in JP. If you’re planning to not roll, I hope your free roll grants you something that’s not trash. That’s all for this review, I’ll give updates on my free roll once the REM comes. Potato✩PAD, out.


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