[Guide] Making an Alt. Account Pt. 1


Recently, I’ve been creating new accounts and pulling randomly- attempting to pull something that can jumpstart me on a secondary account. I haven’t had much success, and even during godfests and PCGF I found myself pulling several silvers. Luck is currently gating me from getting a perfect start, and although a perfect start isn’t required, my inflexible and somewhat adamant mindset has kept me from accepting my rolls. Also, I don’t really pull that often, as the tutorial can get really annoying sometimes.

After about a month of re-rolling and playing some early game (before deciding to start over), I decided to create a guide for other players if they wanted to create an alt. account for themselves. In this guide I will be going over the technical portion of creating an alt. account. How to make one, and why you should make one. I will be talking about selecting a playstyle in a later post. Hopefully, if you’re thinking about starting an alt. account, this post will give you some sort of insight.

Should I Start a Second Account?

The question you need to ask yourself before deciding is how much you actually need or want the secondary account. Many players have different reasons for starting their second account. Some players want to co-op with themselves and not have to depend on other players to run dungeons- both in the stamina and skill department. Some players just want to play more PAD, and opening another account definitely does that for you. Other players place restrictions on their secondary accounts as a challenge- like the “No REM Challenge” or “20 Box Challenge” (which is now impossible, sadly).

In the end, it comes down to what your goals are with your second account, and how much you’re willing to invest in that second account in order to reach those goals. Having another account directly translates to either playing more PAD, or playing less on your main account. These are trade-offs that you have to consider. Can you sacrifice more time or play less on your main account in order to get your secondary account properly up to speed? Personally, I want to start a second account just for fun. The idea of co-op with myself sounds fun as well (Mantastic does it quite often, actually), but I feel like being social in co-op and playing with my friends is what’s keeping me in PAD at the moment. I wouldn’t be playing this game if I didn’t have any IRL friends that played. So ask yourself- how much do I need/want a second account?

How Do I Start a Second Account?

The easiest way is to use a second device and downloading PAD on it. There are some cheap options (Kindle has some cheap tablets) you can buy specifically for PAD. Of course, not everybody may have the luxury for 2 devices, even cheap ones, or just don’t want to hassle and buy/use another device. In that case, you can create accounts on the same phone. Note that this means co-op with yourself will be much harder if not impossible.

For more recent models of android, you can sign in and out of accounts on the same phone that has two different PAD apps. My android version doesn’t have this feature, but there are apps that allow you to ‘copy’ apps and play different accounts on them. ‘Parallel Space’ is the app I’ve been using to create alt accounts, and it’s working pretty well. It can get laggy sometimes, but most of the time the second account runs very smoothly.

Then, it comes down to how to get your second account. You can either start from scratch, or inherit an account from a friend or something. Unless your friend totally sucked at PAD and has nothing you want or you really want a fresh start, I see no reason not to accept the free account. Too bad I don’t have friends. Cries in grief


There are many things to consider before making a second account, and I hope that this post was able to give you some sort of insight on creating one. This is only one part of the guide- the technical portion. I will be posting later about selecting a playstyle for your new account. Depending on what goals you have for the second account, your playstyle and strategies will change. That’s all for this post, I’ll see you all on the next part of this guide-Potato✩PAD, out. 



One thought on “[Guide] Making an Alt. Account Pt. 1

  1. Looking forward to the next parts of this!

    I gave up on getting the ‘perfect’ starting pull and just went with the halloween karin. It has no synergy with my main account, but I don’t mind. It got australis really early though, which opened up the magical world of liu bei farming.


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