[NA][JP] Christmas REM Review


With Christmas quickly approaching, PAD’s Christmas event brings us their new and improved Christmas REM, packed full of new and old cards alike. Gungho sadly didn’t give any of the old cards major buffs or introduce any new silvers, but some new interesting cards have been added. In this review I will be reviewing the entirety of the REM one by one- talking about their possible uses and their contributions to the current meta. However, before you decide to invest in this REM, heed my warnings. Seasonal REMs like this one have incredibly low rates, even for the 5 star cards- so roll at your own risk.

I basically skipped reviewing the FF collab REM due to finals, but I’ll try redeeming myself through this review. I’ve made some big changes to the formatting. For starters, I changed up how the information is provided, the entire formatting. I tried to make it as pretty as possible :D. Secondly, I decided to bring back the grading system from my first REM review, giving an overall grade along with separate grades for other categories (inherit value, sub value, leader value, etc.). This portion of my review was pretty well received, and I don’t know why I removed it for my later reviews. Either way, it’s back. That’s about it for the changes. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on these changes, because I need all the feedback I can get. Without further ado, let’s get into the review.

Note: Grades are given based on a weighted combination of cards of the same rarity in the REM along with all the other good stuff (contribution to the game as a whole)

REM Overview

 8 Stars 

No.2511 Mistress of the Sanctuary, Kali No.2512 Holy Night Red Dragon Caller, Sonia No.3379 Holy Night Visitor, Gremory

 7 Stars 

No.3375 Dragon Hero of the Holy Feast, Liu Bei No.2510 Astral Bell Kirin Princess, Sakuya

 6 Stars 

No.1782 Holy Night Divine Elemental, Genie No.3374 Powder Snow Byakko, Haku

 5 Stars 

No.3377 Holy Ritual Ninja Princess, Hatsume No.3376 Goddess of the Sanctuary, Freyja No.3378 Holy Night Siblings, Castor & Pollux

 4 Stars 

No.2515 Holy Rites Mistress, Echidna No.2516 Enchantress of the Sanctuary, Siren No.2520 Sightseeing Sorceress, Ars Paulina No.2517 Christmas Tree Spirit, Alraune No.2518 Sanctuary Messenger, Archangel No.2519 Holy Night Witch, Lilith

 8 Stars 

Xmas Kali [A+]

 Mistress of the Sanctuary, Kali

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
B+ S A+ A-


Active: Orb Transformation (7 turns) Leader: Which one do you want?

Pros Cons
  • Ra Dragon Lite, full version costs 300k MP
  • Wonderful sub value for rainbow teams
  • Fire subattribute has weakness
  • Inheritance on Dkali won’t grant stat boost

Dark Kali is arguably one of the best subs in the game, holding the position ever since she came out. With Xmas Kali basically being a re-color of Dark Kali, it can be pretty easy to see that she’ll be high on the rankings too. She brings everything you’d want on a rainbow team: a 6 color board change, beautiful awakenings, flexible typing, and great stats. She also received 700 HP this time around, increasing the HP you’d find on a standard Ra Dragon team by 1500. Her leader skill gives you 1.8/65/1.8, which can actually stand a chance in the meta. If you have her but not Ra Dragon, you can also pair them together for a sub-optimal Ra Dragon team.

Despite having the extra 700 HP and better leader skill, flipping the attributes around is major. Her fire typing gives her a weakness compared to Dark Kali’s lack of color weakness. Basically, your consistency will be substandard- sometimes hitting 0.5x damage and sometimes hitting 2x. For example, with Christmas Kali, Pavarti’s absorb can be troubling in Arena. Unless you’re avoiding dark attribute cards, specifically need the fire attribute, or want the extra HP- Dark Kali will be the better option.

Xmas Sonia [B-]

Holy Night Red Dragon Caller, Sonia

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
F B B B-


Active: Holy Draco Summoning Circle (14 turns) Leader: Let’s party together ♪

Pros Cons
  • Co-op Value
    • board change for ACC/ALB
    • haste useful for longer cooldowns
  • Purchasable in the MP shop
  • Weak leader skill
  • Didn’t get buffed 😦

I’m a little sad that Gungho didn’t do anything for her other than an MP buff. I do have two of them leftover when the REM came back in July. I bought one from the MP shop as inheritance to farm Machine Hera, then rolled another one right after :V.

While Xmas Sonia does not have much (at all) of a leader skill, her active skill creates a lot of opportunities for her use, with the most valuable one being co-op. The 14 turns should be no problem when you pool two teams’ skill boosts, and the two most popular farming leaders- ACC and ALB, have their respective colors offered in Xmas Sonia’s skill. Whenever there’s a combo absorb and your regular Dios or Goemon won’t cut it, Xmas Sonia will do the job. She’s also purchasable in the MP shop, which I list as a pro because if you need her active skill for any reason, she’s there provided you have the MP. I bought her with my 300k and haven’t regretted it, even after rolling another one.

Regardless of her niche uses, they are what they are- niche. If you don’t have a very specific use for her, she won’t be useful to you. She also didn’t get buffed, which is a huge disappointment. Overall, she’s very lackluster compared to Xmas Dkali and Gremory and will not be worth purchasing for most players. I’m hoping that YamaP will decide to buff her or something, but I don’t think he’s doing the random rolling buffs for this REM.

Xmas Gremory [S]

Holy Night Visitor, Gremory

Leader Sub Inheritance Other


Active: Sweet Words (6 turns) Leader: Just dropping in for a bit

Pros Cons
  • Heart cross. ❤
  • Fire bind clear
  • bigger subpool?
    • God typing
  • No balanced typing- latent killer values decrease
  • Compared to Dark Gremory
    • elemental weakness
    • harder to create a system
  • Not in MP shop 😥

I wanted Xmas Gremory in the MP shop so badly, even if it was 500k MP. The idea playing a red heart cross leader makes me warm inside. There are two major changes from regular Gremory. First, she now has fire typing. Secondly, she replaced balanced type with god type (this also applies to her leader skill). Despite these changes, I think the raw power of heart cross means Xmas Gremory will be at least on par or slightly below regular Gremory on the teir lists.

I actually created a discussion thread on Reddit a few days ago discussing the differences and how every aspect of the two versions compares. In the end, we as a community was able to “conclude” this: Regular Gremory has the obvious edge in color, along with an easier system due to her subs’ hastes (Pandora, Plum). Red however, has more possible subs (disregarding sub quality) but a harder time creating a working system. Dantalion is the competitor for regular Gremory’s Plum/Pandora, as Yamato has not recieved in Awoken form yet. Red also has an easier time finding orb enhances. Overall, regular Gremory has a slight edge. Feel free to comment if you disagree with any of these arguments.

Gremory also has extreme value as a bind clear for fire teams. I’ve been using Guan Yu as my bind clear option for my Krishna team, but if I’m able to pull Gremory I’ll replace him in a heartbeat. Although the bind clear has 1 less turn (3 to 2), the creation of hearts makes her the stronger option. There are exceptions, but in my case and most peoples’ Xmas Gremory will be an incredibly strong bind clear. She’s overall a great pull, bringing value in nearly every aspect. Good leader skill, good active skill, great stats. If only she was in the MP shop…

 7 Stars 

Xmas Liu Bei [A]

 Dragon Hero of the Holy Feast, Liu Bei

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
A- A B A-


Active: Sacred Fire Oath (7 turns) Leader: Piping hot gifts for everyone!

Pros Cons
  • Unbindable
  • Triple TPA
  • Double orb changer
  • Worse version of Krishna
  • No god typing for Shiva Dragon

Xmas Liu Bei is the only other Christmas card I personally have, and his evolution is quite exciting. He gains lots of stats along with unbindability in this ult, making him a prime sub option for a lot of fire teams. Although not as good as a TPA team, he does have a row and OE, making him possible sub on row based teams as well. The way his awakenings are balanced makes him a somewhat neutral hybrid card, weighted more towards TPA. Sadly, Shiva Dragon teams still can’t utilize him due to his lack of God typing.

His leader skill gives 1.8/65.61/1.8 for attackers. This is basically a variation to a Krishna style leader skill, trading HP and RCV for more damage. However, as I explained in my previous post, he pales in comparison to Krishna. Here is the excert from my previous post. After several discussions and after playing XLB personally, I still stay true to my first impression: XLB has unbindability and triple TPAs over Krishna, but lacks utility awakenings like SBR and orb enhance. You’ll also be losing around 20k HP as Krishna’s multiplier or higher. With survivability being such an important factor in the current meta, I just don’t see him being too impressive. 1.69/61/1.69 isn’t BAD though, and I can see him being a fun leader to play all the TPAs.

All in all, Xmas Liu Bei is a very durable sub and a reasonable leader for a 7-star. While not game changing in either category, his balance in awakenings and uses makes him quite desirable for the average fire player. The ability to be used on both row teams and TPA teams, along with his solid double orb change active and unbindability makes him a consistent and considerable fire card.

Xmas Sakuya [B-]

 Astral Bell Kirin Princess, Sakuya

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
B B- B-* B


Active: Boisterous Dance (7 turns) Leader: Holy Night Dance-Whole Sky

Pros Cons
  • Gravity active
  • Solid rainbow leader
  • Healer subpool is pretty limited
  • Awakenings are too thin

We’re at the point in this game where every single rainbow leader will be compared to Ra Dragon. And 2.25/56.25/1 just isn’t something that can compare to to him. Of course, Ra Dragon costs 300k MP and is harder to develop, but the gap of these rainbow leaders from Ra Dragon is only widening the longer the game progresses. Gungho’s stubbornness to give these older cards buffs also hurts the images and value of these cards.

While she is still powerful enough to get you through the majority of endgame, there are many stronger leaders that don’t require you to roll a 7-star in a seasonal machine. Xmas Sakuya is the definition of outclassed, and I don’t predict that Gungho will change that any time soon.

 6 Stars 

Xmas Genie [C-]

Holy Night Divine Elemental, Genie

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
C+ C B- B-


Active: Flashing Field (10 turns) Leader: Holy Night Jewelry Box

Pros Cons
  • Inheritable active
  • Awakenings
    • power in numbers?
  • Terrible scaling
  • Sub usage is very rare

Pretty disappointing for a 6 star. While not unusable, his leader skill is entirely outclassed and has terrible scaling. If you were to run him, his active skill would also get in the way a lot. There are niche situations where you could use him to block damage (Machine Hera), but in that case you could just use the regular Genie.

Xmas Haku [B+]

Snow Star Byakko, Haku Powder Snow Byakko, Haku

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
B B+ B B+


Active: Western Seven-Star Formation (8 turns) Leader: It’s cold… but also warm…

Pros Cons
  • More color flexible with both Dark and Red forms
  • Lots of OE
  • Leader skill strong but outclassed

Xmas Haku now has two forms, meaning her flexibility just doubled. I’ll talk about the dark form first. With all the OE, the first thing that came to my mind was her viability on Yomi Dragon teams. Her active pairs really nicely with Akechi, creating a 2/3 dark 1/3 heart board. Having dark and blue OE also means more orbs will be dropping enhanced, giving your orb changers more value. Other than that, other dark teams can use her as well, but normally Awoken Haku will be the better option with her haste and TPA. If you need the typing or orb enhance though, you know where to go.

Now the fire version. Fire OE has a great range of different homes, with the most common one these days being Krishna. However, as I stated in the first impressions post, I don’t think she’ll see much use. Even with all the OE, her board change is weaker compared to other board changers, such as Urd. You could pair with Sanada for a ⅔ fire board, but you won’t be making heart orbs as Sanada changes light to heart.

Both forms have a fairly strong leader skill with 49x damage. While powerful, it’s still pretty weak and won’t get you past later endgame. Using other Chinese gods from previous seasonal REMs as contrast, she’s outclassed by quite a few cards and won’t find much use. Yomi Dragon is her main saving grace at this point.

 5 Stars 

Xmas Hatsume [B-]

Holy Ritual Ninja Princess, Hatsume

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
F B+ B B


Active: Presents on Fire (5 turns) Leader: Sleep well, little ones♪

Pros Cons
  • Dragon killer
  • Low cooldown
  • Has SBR
  • REALLY weak leader skill
  • Devil killer is outclassed
    • Tsubaki, Napoleon
  • Chiyome has more killers..

The meta is evolving at such a fast pace that cards like Xmas Hatsume are unable to keep up. This card is part of the ninja series that have been appearing in the past few seasonal events, and it’s clear that Gungho designed the entire series in one sitting and didn’t do anything else for them as the meta shifted. This means that Hastume’s so called ‘glory days’ would have happened nearly one year ago. For comparison, the entire regular ninja series received their devil killer buffs a while back, basically outshining the entire roster of seasonal ninjas. There are better red dragon killer options these days as well, with Tsubaki even bringing two dragon killers. I just don’t see her being as useful to most players.

Everything else aside, her active skill can still provide some use. While Yamato Takeru outshines her for changing Green to Fire (along with making hearts), her low cooldown makes her a viable option for teams that want to utilize skills, such as ACC.  But even then it’s arguable that Chiyome is a better version with more killers (no SBR though, so keep that in mind). I’m pretty disappointed that Gungho didn’t do anything for her before her introduction, as it’s obvious she was designed long ago. Adding more awakenings might’ve made her a tad more desirable. In the end, it really just comes down to how much you need the Green to Fire skill (and if you lack other options), the dragon killer (if you don’t have other options), and the lower cooldown’s value to your team.

Xmas Freyja [D+]

Goddess of the Sanctuary, Freyja

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
C- C D B


Active: Earth Enhancement (9 turns) Leader: Shall we warm up together?

Pros Cons
  • Devil killer
  • Balanced typing- killer latent advantages
  • Weak leader skill
  • Outclassed by stronger cards

I’m a little ticked off that Gungho included this card in the REM, especially as a 5-star gold pull. The rates are already bad enough, and to include this is just adding insult to injury. There’s really nothing special about this version compared to her regular version.  Even her awoken form is rarely used, and non-existent on top tier teams. Also, Devil killer is so prominent on green cards these days that it’s not a selling factor either.

The only reason you might need her if you need the 1.5x for 3 turns- maybe in a longer dungeon where your team is consistently unable to hit a certain amount of damage. And even after that fact, she remains very inferior to other cards. Her two saving points are Liu Bei’s current dictatorship in the PAD farming meta, and her balanced typing that enables her to attach all the latent killers. Maybe I’m just biased because I don’t play green teams, but she feels very overwhelming. Let me know if I was too hard on her or if she has any other uses.

Pollux and Castor [A-]

Holy Night Siblings, Castor & Pollux

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
A- B B+ B


Active: Gemini Star Road (8 turns) Leader: Enjoy your holidays…

Pros Cons
  • Awakenings
    • OE and SBR
  • Beautiful art
  • Lacks a good home

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. That art is incredible, especially on a 5-star card, so big props to the artist. The art style looks very similar to Dark Kali’s and I’m willing to bet magic stones that the same artist drew both :D.

However, artwork aside, I’m a little hesitant to pronounce their usefulness. Let’s get the big easy one out of the way first- her leader skill is quite solid, especially for a 5-star. Compared to the other 5-stars it’s really good- just keep in mind that 1/42/1.7 can’t compete with the majority of strong leaders. For reference, there are many stronger farmable leaders (but I mean with Myr around that argument loses some of it’s validation…)

Other than that, the card itself is pretty solid as well. Lots of OE, and double SBR as well. The only reason I can’t come to a decisive decision on how useful they are is because I’m unsure how people are going to find a way to use them. Their skill is nice, especially with the haste, but there just aren’t many top teams that can utilize her fittingly. When I first saw the leader skill, I first thought about Noctis and then Cecil (The entire FF collab was imprinted inside my head because of the ranking dungeon), but other than that there’s just not many leaders that can use them. Of course, you can pair the active with a full board for bypassing combo absorbs, but there are so many other options the value of this is greatly decreased. Overall, they’re a strong pair, but in the current meta they just don’t have many places to call home.

 4 Stars 

::::: Healer Girls Squad  :::::

No.2515 Holy Rites Mistress, Echidna No.2516 Enchantress of the Sanctuary, Siren No.2517 Christmas Tree Spirit, Alraune No.2518 Sanctuary Messenger, Archangel No.2519 Holy Night Witch, Lilith

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
F B+* SSS+++++++++ C+

   fdsgafefw.PNG      ?

Active: Menace (10 turns) Leader: Insert Cute sounding leader skill here, showcasing Gungho’s attempt to make players feel less bad when pulling them because they know the RNG is BS and we know the RNG is BS but they still won’t confirm the exact rates because Gungho is being Gungho about the situation.

Pros Cons
  • If you’re pulling a lot you’re probably getting every single one. Does this even count as a pro?
  • Delay of every color
  • Good RCV and heart enhance awakening
  • Not inheritable
  • Everything else


They’re all basically Echidna with slight upgrades and for all colors. They’re 4-stars, so they aren’t really designed to be the best sub or leader (or even a sub-optimal one). In situations where inheriting a delay doesn’t work as well or you just want an easy way to have delay on your color team, these are the ones you’re looking for. Sadly, other than that there’s not much they can be used for. They do what regular Echidna does, but slightly better.

*They all have slightly different usefulness, just because they’re different colors. You also won’t always need a delay, and using one will probably hit your stats/potential damage pretty hard.

Christmas Ars Paulina [B+]

Sightseeing Sorceress, Ars Paulina

Leader Sub Inheritance Other
C+ B+ 4 star lel B+


Active: Summon Water (4 turns) Leader: Christmas is so fun, isn’t it?

Pros Cons
  • Lots of OE
  • Short cooldown
    • inheritance target
  • Blue lacks a popular farming leader (full board enhance)

I remember that Xmas Ars Paulina was actually quite desirable last time the Christmas REM came around- mostly because she was a solid sub for You Yu. Having a short cooldown means you can inherit a lot of useful skills and take advantage of her awakenings. These days, however, her uses are more limited, with You Yu being pushed out of the meta along with a decrease in viable water leaders.

Her leader skill gives 3.5x, which isn’t great at all (but compared to the healer girls squad…). The red and green versions both have more use due to being corresponding colors to ALB and ACC. I understand that there are currently water farming leaders, but they aren’t as popular as ALB and ACC. If Gungho decides to change this, her value will go up as well. Overall, she’s a solid inheritance base, but other than that there’s not much to talk about.


The introduction of so many new cards makes me quite excited to see how my luck fares. There are plenty of strong cards, but so many sub-optimal ones you could just as likely roll.  So, how are you going to play this REM? How many rolls are you planning to do, if at all- and what cards will you be aiming to get? Personally, I will be spending as many stones as I can get in a desperate attempt for Gremory. Last year I pulled 2 golds in a row, so maybe Gungho will come through for me again. I am definitely not holding my breath though.

So yeah, that concludes the review. Please let me know if you disagree with anything or have any type of feedback to get. It helps me continue to improve my reviews along with the entire blog. All in all, thank you for reading this review. I’m going to continue to improve and come back each time with a better post. Happy Holidays to all of you, and I hope you at least found something insightful. I’ll see you guys on the next post, Potato✩PAD, out. 

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