[JP][Discuss] New SI System


In the last JP stream on Novermber 30 (3 days ago), Gungho revealed a gamechanging new mechanic- King Tans. This change is one of the biggest changes PAD has had so far, completely changing up the skill up game. In this post I’ll be talking about the new SI (skill up) System and Skill Transfer system and how it affects PAD currently and in future instances. Feel free to discuss along in the comments ago and let me know your thoughts on this new mechanic! Enjoy the post!

What Happened?

So basically what happened is Gungho entirely changed the usage of Tans from a inheritance materiel to skill-up materiel. Here’s a basic rundown of the changes:

Skill Transfer

  1. Skill Transferring will no longer require Tans and will be lowered to 1 million coins from 2 million.
  2. Skill Transferring a skill from a card with the same attribute as the receiver will grant a slight stab boost for the receiver. (10% HP, 5% ATK, 15% RCV from donor).

    SI (Skill up) System

  3. 5 same color tans can fuse to become a King Tan.
  4. When a King Tan is fused along with other same attribute-fodders, it will result in 100% skillup. For example, if you fuse a green King Tan and 4 dios into Zeus Dios, you will get 4 guaranteed skillups.

Below are a few pictures about the changes with captions providing details.

Fusing a same ATT monster grants slight stat boosts!

Combining 6 tans makes a super tan!

Here’s an example of getting 4 guaranteed skillups!

What to Expect

So what effect does this have on the game? Well, it does 2 very good things for us players. For starters, skill transferring is much easier and less annoying, and with more benefits from the stat buff. And secondly, it changes the SI system up entirely. Pys were the only way that we could 100% skillup a card. After this change, farming skillups is going to be much much easier. There are plenty of posts on Reddit and other social media platforms complaining about how unlucky their skillups rates were. Changing this mechanic by offering these 100% skillups is great for the players. Gungho made a good move here.

So are there any cons? Yeah, but the pros heavily outweigh them. I’ll discuss them here anyways, but note they are very minor. Number one, the stat buff may cause an influx of people inheriting same color actives just for the stat buff. Now, this sounds nice at first, but there are people that will fuse bad actives that are too short to be decent SDR fodders, which in turn causes a less desirable leader or friend. This obviously rarely happens and shouldn’t be seen as a real problem. There will be people doing this that are unaware, so don’t be surprised if you see them around. Secondly, Gungho might make Tans harder to get after this change. Their value just skyrocketed greatly, and Gungho has every right to make them harder to get. More stamina cost, harder dungeons, whatever. I’m hoping that Gungho sticks to the current dungeon, as it is easy enough for even beginners to get through safely. It’s very likely that Gungho will be changing up the Tan Dungeon though, but I thoroughly hope not. And Lastly, With how easy it is to farm skillups now, Gungho might create some crazy base cooldowns. This is obviously nullified a little with the new system, but is still a change from the original intended system. That’s really all the problems I could think of, but let me know if I missed anything. This change overall is really a great step forward.


I am personally very happy with this change, and I’m sure that many players are as well. Gungho is changing up one of their most annoying RNG based systems other than the REM (which is another story). Skillups have been a huge issue for this game (see Reddit post today), and although Gungho has been slowly improving the rates, nothing compares to this. There are some cons to the new SI system but the pros heavily outweigh them.

Overall a good change and a neat step forward. I’m looking forward to what Gungho has planned for the future, especially in terms of the REM and the overall look of the game. That’s all for this post, but I’m already planning to write more about the stream. I’ll see you guys on my next post. Potato✩PAD, out. 


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