[Guide] Making an Alt. Account Pt. 1

Introduction Recently, I’ve been creating new accounts and pulling randomly- attempting to pull something that can jumpstart me on a secondary account. I haven’t had much success, and even during godfests and PCGF I found myself pulling several silvers. Luck is currently gating me from getting a perfect start, and although a perfect start isn’t … Continue reading [Guide] Making an Alt. Account Pt. 1


[NA][JP] Christmas REM Review

Introduction With Christmas quickly approaching, PAD's Christmas event brings us their new and improved Christmas REM, packed full of new and old cards alike. Gungho sadly didn't give any of the old cards major buffs or introduce any new silvers, but some new interesting cards have been added. In this review I will be reviewing … Continue reading [NA][JP] Christmas REM Review

[NA][Guide] FF Collab Ranking Dungeon

Introduction The FF Collab Tournament is nearly here, bringing a fixed team showcasing some of their REM cards. You'll face off 6 stages of Final Fantasy bosses, all with the special conditions of Noctis' leader skill. Whether if you're looking for getting your first crown or adding one to your growing collection, this is the tournament to … Continue reading [NA][Guide] FF Collab Ranking Dungeon