[Guide] Gainaut Descended w/ ACC


After talking about farming rouge dungeons in so many of my posts, I finally found the time to begin writing guides for them. Gainaut is one of the mid-difficulty rouges, it’s not the hardest but is definitely on the harder side of the spectrum. This post is going to do two things- show the process I go through to build a farming team including the thought process, and showcasing the teams that I build and the ones that I find.

Hopefully this post will not only be a helpful resource for those looking to farm Gainaut, but also serve as insight on how to build farming teams yourself. This post will be mainly directed towards ACC (Awoken Cao Cao), as he is the main leader I use for farming. Also, the teams will be multiplayer, having double the skills is great to have. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the guide!

If you are looking for other people to farm dungeons with ACC, try the ACC Discord server. While it isn’t the most active right now, there are still occasionally players willing to run with you. They also have builds for other rouges and dungeons as well. Here is the link: discord.gg/eFyktXX

Dungeon Walkthrough

Floor 1


4-5 Random ones will appear. The pengdras all settle at around 75k HP, and the dragons have around 47k defense with 4000 HP. These floors are great to see for farming teams, as you can usually button through them with a skill without even touching the board. Ideally, Goemon would be a great skill. It sweeps the floor while also leaving a fire board for the next floor.

Floor 2


3 random ones will appear. This floor is a bit trickier. The fire one has 230k HP while the other ones sport around 370k. The high HP makes it harder to button this floor, so matching it would probably be better. 370k is a piece of cake for teams that can match. A row maker like Thuban or even an orb changer would work as long as you get 6 orbs (5 might even work depending on your team). Ideally, you would’ve popped Goemon on the first floor and sweeped this floor with that skill.

Floor 3


2 random ones will appear. They all have over 1.3 million HP, so buttoning is sadly not an option. If you don’t have enough skill boosts or lack skillups, this is a good floor to stall 2 turns on. They all have timers of 3 or more, so you can get a free haste. Ideally you would pop another full board, Goemon or Surtr, and sweep.

Floor 4

Yuck, the high defense enemy in this dungeon. 2.5 million defense really isn’t too much, but in a rouge dungeon where your levels are still fairly low, it can be quite annoying. Hinokagusuchi is an option- breaking waters and defense, but relies on RNG to give you enough orbs from Floor 3. It shouldn’t be a problem most of the times, but true damage (Ra) or another full board will be much safer. This floor is another free place to stall as long as you don’t hit him. He’ll keep doing nothing as long as his HP is full.

Floor 5

Another pretty simple floor. Being green, having 6 fire orbs and comboing will be sufficient most of the time. An orb changer if you have nothing else, but a bicolor board/full board will be much more appreciated. Due to the next floor being the high defense kings, you can actually pop a defense break here and have it carry. Despite Fortoytops having a status shield, the effect carries even though the defense break icon doesn’t show.

Floor 6


Unlike the legend version of this dungeon, the mythical version gives the kings a slight HP buff, meaning Awoken Ra’s 77777 can’t take them out anymore. Anji is a good skill that sets up an easy kill and also sets up an easier kill on the next floor. The only issue is making sure that you have enough ATK plusses on Anji to take them out.

Other than that, there are a few other cards that deal more than 81k true damage. The easier way is to have your partner pop a defense break on the previous floor, then just use Goemon/another spike to take them out. In my opinion, this is the fastest/easiest way.

Floor 7


One of the easiest floors will turn into the hardest if you come ill-prepared. Having nearly 10 million HP, it is nearly impossible to burst through their natural defense. They only have 50 HP, so really any true damage spike will do or a regular spike if you have their defense broken from the floor(s) before. True damage is probably the fastest way.

Floor 8

The only way to deal with Folklore before was to bring a delay and stall out the awakening bind. With the recent buffs to Grodin that erases these binds, this floor becomes much easier. Having one player pop the Grodin active and sweep the floor. If you used Goemon anywhere in the dungeon and don’t have enough HP, Grodin is also pretty important as he heals in preperation for the preemptive on Floor 9. Make sure you have him on a high ATK card or the heal may not be enough. I know for a fact that having him on a +99 ATK ACC will heal enough.

This is the only floor where I think a full board is required, as 7.5 million HP (15 million for fire teams) is pretty hard to hit otherwise. Ideally you have the full board from the turns before (spiking them with Goemon when their defense was down), but otherwise just pop another board. Bicolors are a bit of a stretch, but I can see them working.

Floor 9

Watch out for the preemptive if you used Goemon to drop your HP. Grodin on a +99 ATK ACC will resolve this issue, but if you don’t have Grodin just heal naturally when using a delay on Floor 8 or use an active skill. 8 million isn’t too bad, with another 9 orbs I would say you could take him out consistently. Bicolor/Full boards are much better like always.

Floor 10

No preemptive here, meaning Goemon works on the previous stage. Once again, quite a simple stage. 13 million HP is pretty trivial with a full board or bi-color. And that’s the end of the dungeon.

Whale Setup

Potato Original Whale Setup

Player 1

No.2901 Awoken Cao Cao No.2012 Awoken Ra No.3118 Unprecedented Surfer, Ishikawa Goemon No.3118 Unprecedented Surfer, Ishikawa Goemon No.3118 Unprecedented Surfer, Ishikawa Goemon No.3118 Unprecedented Surfer, Ishikawa Goemon 8 sbs

Player 2

No.2901 Awoken Cao Cao No.2945 Steel Wand Mech Dragon God, Balboa No.3118 Unprecedented Surfer, Ishikawa Goemon No.3118 Unprecedented Surfer, Ishikawa Goemon No.2953 Passionate Sun Deity, Ra No.995 Blazing Deity Falcon, Horus  8 sbs

Floor 1: P1 Goemon, 200k nuke will sweep

Floor 2: P1 Swipe (full board from previous floor)

Floor 3: P2 Goemon, swipe

Floor 4: P1 Ra

Floor 5: P1 Goemon, sweep

Floor 6: P2 Balboa, Goemon, 200k nuke will sweep

Floor 7: P2 Ra

Floor 8: P2 Grodin, Sweep (full board from floor 6)

Floor 9: P1 Goemon sweep

Floor 10: P2 Pass, P1 Goemon sweep


It looks pretty fast with no delays, but it is quite REM heavy. You also need to hit 15 skillboosts off the bat, so make sure you have the correct amount. Some Goemons can be replaced with Surtrs when the 200k nuke isn’t required.

Also, MAKE SURE you can tank the Floor 8 preemptive. With the shield up, it’s 4540 damage. You should be able to heal some of it by killing floor 6 and floor 7, but the rest needs to be made up with water resists. Horus already brings 5%, which is a good start.

No.995 Blazing Deity Falcon, Horus is there for his co-op boost and his 5% water resist

No.2945 Steel Wand Mech Dragon God, Balboa is there for his defense break and shield

 is there to clear the awakening bind and heal enough for F9 preemptive

Mid-Difficulty Setup

Potato Original Mid-Difficulty Setup

Player 1

No.2901 Awoken Cao Cao  No.3118 Unprecedented Surfer, Ishikawa Goemon No.2179 God of the Destroying Lance, Odin No.2398 Awoken Surtr No.2398 Awoken Surtr   8 sbs

Player 2

No.2901 Awoken Cao Cao No.2747 Awoken Ares No.2179 God of the Destroying Lance, Odin No.2398 Awoken Surtr No.2398 Awoken Surtr No.2398 Awoken Surtr 7 sbs

Floor 1: P1 Goemon, 200k nuke will sweep

Floor 2: P1 Swipe (full board from previous floor)

Floor 3: P2 Ares, match

Floor 4: P1 Rodin, swipe

Floor 5: P2  Surtr, swipe

Floor 6: P1 Surtr, swipe

Floor 7: P2 Rodin, swipe

Floor 8: P1 Surtr, Godin, sweep

Floor 9: P2 Goemon sweep

Floor 10:  P1 pass, P2 Goemon sweep


It’s a bit slower than the whale setup and requires actual matching, but shouldn’t be too much worse in the time department. Some of the Surtrs can be replaced with Goemon, but keep the preemptives in mind. Rodin can be replaced with other forms of true damage but keep the turns in mind.

Ares as an inherit won’t be up unless you fit in more skill boosts, Tengus can be helpful or inheriting another skill works as well.

 is there to clear the awakening bind and heal enough for F9 preemptive


That’s all the theorycrafting I have for this dungeon! These things take way longer to plan out than I thought. If you’d like to check out more JP videos, a quick search of 頑龍王 覚醒曹操 will net you some results. Also, head over to the ACC discord and check out their guides. They have a few setups there as well, including one for those who don’t have Grodin. discord.gg/eFyktXX

I’ll be writing another rouge guide when I find the time- probably on Scarlet (quite simple) or Linthia. Keep your heads up for those!

That’s all for this rouge guide. I’ll see you guys on the next post. Potato✩PAD, out.


5 thoughts on “[Guide] Gainaut Descended w/ ACC

  1. Floor 8 does have a shield preempt that brings the effective HP up to about 12 million IIRC. Also, floor 3’s timers can go as low as 2, so you can only reliably stall one turn. Great guide otherwise!


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