2016 Halloween Seasonal REM Review


Halloween has returned once again, and the new REM will soon be bestowed upon us. This new REM has introduced plenty new cards, with strong pairings for some high tier leaders like Halloween Sonia Gran Reverse and re-colored cards like Halloween Rozuel and Halloween Xiang Mei. However, just like other seasonal REMs, it’s hard to pull a rare card. Also, the cards made to be leaders are usually much rarer. If you’re looking for advice on spending your stones here, continue reading.

My REM review on the FOTNS Collab REM was admittedly sloppy. I had rushed the release and didn’t look at the cards from all points of views. The bias caused by this resulted in some improper grades and I also overlooked niche uses for some of the cards. The formatting for some of the cards were also off, and some of the grading categories were questionable. I apologize if some of my poor advice caused problems in your game. I’m going to be doing much more research and making sure to take the advice you all were kind enough to give me last time. I’m also going to try to add more information, including pros and cons to the card- this seems helpful for weighing your options before you decide to pull in the REM. Thank you all for the support and feedback- I’ll continue to improve as my blogging continues (hopefully :P). If you have any feedback for this review, please let me know somehow. It’s always good to learn from my mistakes.

REM Overview

I believe that JP has already revealed everything new about this year’s REM. 9 new cards have been revealed, as well as a few card buffs. I’ll be talking about both the new cards and the old cards. The buffs won’t bring the older cards into the current meta, but they’ll still be useful for a lot of players. I’ll mention and talk about them on the corresponding card. Here is the main breakdown for the cards available in the REM.

8 Stars

No.2407 Mistress of the Old Castle, Kali  

7 Stars

No.2406 Old Castle Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia

6 Stars

No.2410 Moonlit Prowler, Vampire Lord No.2409 Mysterious Guest, Laila No.2411 Spirit of the Masquerade, Alraune  

5 Stars


4 Stars

No.2412 Playful Star Gods, Thoth & Sopdet No.2408 Masquerade Guest, Izanami   

I can’t remember the chances of pulling from each rarity, but just know that the chance of pulling the card decreases greatly every time you move up one rarity level. The rates are pretty bad, so unless you’re hardcore into pulling the waifus (me), or just willing to whale until you pull everything, don’t invest too much here. One or two rolls is a fair amount for a non-IAP to test the waters and have the chance of receiving a rare card.

Edit: Grades are given compared to cards of the same rarity. If you think any of the grades I give are questionable, let me know 🙂

PS: PCGF is suspected to return soon, it’s been nearly half a year since we had our last one. Make sure to weigh your options before rolling in this REM.

8 Stars

Mistress of the Old Castle, Kali  Mistress of the Old Castle, Kali [C]

          HP: 3015 ATK: 1411 RCV: 633

Five Colored Alchemy: Change all orbs to Fire, Water & Wood & Light & Dark orbs. (7 turns)

Who Are You Here to See?: ATK x5 when attacking with Fire, Water, Light & Dark orb types at the same time. God & Devil type cards HP x1.3, ATK x1.3, RCV x1.3.

Pros Cons
  • Rainbow board changer
  • Good RCV
  • Poor HP and ATK
  • rainbow teams have already been pushed from the meta long ago
  • 42.45x isn’t impressive anymore
  • 1.69 HP and RCV cannot compare to the current heart cross meta

It was disappointing to see that all they gave her was some extra ATK. I was hoping for some stronger HP and RCV multipliers, but I guess that would’ve made her somewhat viable, which Gungho obviously cannot have happen. With the recent buff, her 1.69/25/1.69 has jumped to 1.69/42.25/1.69. This would’ve been a huge buff a year ago, but the current state of the game says otherwise. Rainbow teams have already been pushed out of the meta. Try comparing these multipliers to Krishna. He sports 2.25/45.65/2.25, while also being a mono-color leader. With meta moving forward at such a fast pace, older cards like Kali just can’t compare. Buffing their ATK multiplier slightly isn’t going to do much.

A 5 color board changer like Kali has less value than a complete 6 color board changer like Dark Kali. With the new Ra Dragon ult ready to be announced, if the ult is any good, the value of 6 color board changers will increase drastically. 5 Color board changers just don’t have a good home. Awoken Ra was good maybe a year ago, and Sakuya has been shoved out of endgame viability as well. If they buffed this Kali to have a 6 color board change, that might be a different story. But they didn’t.

She’s available for 300k in the MP shop, and you would honestly have to be insane to buy her. Her cons greatly outweigh her pros, as the meta has moved too fast for her to keep up. I heavily suggest against buying her if you have the MP (unless you’re really rich and like Waifus). There are much stronger options to invest your MP in, and Kali just isn’t one of them.

Crimson Orchid Black Witch, Xiang Mei Crimson Orchid Black Witch, Xiang Mei [A]

        HP: 2812 ATK: 1903 RCV: 1001

Pumpkin Season: Randomly spawn 6 Heal orbs from non-Dark orbs. 1 turn haste. (7 Turns)

Tonight’s gonna be fun!: 1.5x HP and 2x ATK to Devil types. 3x ATK for 2 Heal combos, 4.5x for 3 combos.

Pros Cons
  • Devil type opens up a bigger subpool
  • no elemental weakness
  • Plum in the background- buy one get one free
  • great sub (Gremory, cross leads)
  • great RCV and ATK
  • 500k MP
  • “boring playstyle”
  • requires dupes for ideal team
  • Total RCV will be less than regular Xiang Mei
  • Below average HP

I was super hyped when she was announced. Her fire version’s subpool is tremendously restrictive, and with the typing switch from Healer to Devil, the subpool opens up for a lot of strong cards: Awoken Pandora, Akechi, to name a few.

I didn’t expect Gungho to make her cost 500k MP. I’m almost disgusted that the transition from 300k to 500k was so fast. Gungho seems confident with their new pricing, and I expect to see more expensive cards in the future. The ideal Xiang Mei team requires three Xiang Meis, and the Halloween version’s ideal team is no different. That’s 1.5 million MP for the team, a huge investment even for a heavy spender.

After looking at discussions online and thinking about it myself, I realized that while (in my opinion) she may better than regular Xiang Mei, the investment required for her ideal team makes it not as worth it. When comparing Halloween Xiang Mei with the fire Xiang Mei, you’ll come to see that although their playstyles are different, there are gaping differences between them. For starters, Halloween Xiang Mei has the upper hand when it comes to the colors. Dark has no weakness, while Fire does. However, the overall RCV will be lower due to devils have naturally lower RCV than healers (I know right, surprise). Halloween Xiang Mei will also be dishing out more damage because of the higher ATK on subs.

If you’re looking to spend MP on this card to lead, I would suggest for you to step back and look at the whole picture. Many people have already said that Xiang Mei has a boring tanky playstyle, and that they regret even the 900k investment in regular Xiang Mei. When Xiang Mei first came out, she received a good bit of short lived hype. I can’t expect any more to come out of Halloween Xiang Mei.

If you’re looking to buy this card as a sub, that’s a more flexible option. Xiang Mei is a great sub for heart cross leaders like Gremory, with her short active with haste, and can find a permanent home there. As long as those heart cross leaders are relevant, she will be as well. It’s arguable whether she’s better than Plum, but the cost may be an issue in deciding.

Edit: With further discussions, it seems like you can get by with a system with just two Xiang Mei. The problem is still there, expensive and a playstyle that is boring to most people and very repetitive.

Old Castle Freeloader, Sonia Gran Old Castle Freeloader, Sonia Gran [A]

        HP: 3778 ATK: 1658 RCV: 271

Puzzle & Dragons W: 2x orb movement timer for 2 turns. 2x Dragon type ATK for 2 turns.

So you’ve finally found me, visitor: Increases ATK when attacking with 4 attributes (or 3 att. + heal), scales up to 7x ATK. 1.5x HP/ATK to Dragon types.

Pros Cons
  • Great pairing for Roots
  • Good awakenings
  • Farmable skillup
  • Beautiful art
  • Long cooldown
  • Active is outclassed
  • 8 Star pull

Reverse Sonia Gran is the card that I want the most from this collab. Her awakenings are identical to Sherias Root’s, and her leader skill compliments Root’s leader skill very well. Sherias players usually pair him with another Sherias, giving you 2.25 RCV. With the introduction of Halloween Sonia Gran, pairing with her is an even stronger option. Similar stats, but instead of 1/110.25/2.25, you get 1.5/110.25/1.5. This opens up content that Roots could not clear before, because HP is incredibly important for current endgame. She’s basically the Zeus Dragon for Ra Dragon teams. Sadly, her team’s RCV will be lower than the average team’s even with the 1.5x, so it’s questionable if your subs all have low RCV.

Sonia Gran’s active is the same as her descend version, meaning you can skill her up with her descend form. However, the active isn’t the best and is longer than it has to be. The x2 dragon type for 2 turns is outclassed by the burst actives in the gemstone series, and the x2 time extend for 2 turns is very niche. Most players will want to inherit a gemstone active onto her or a board changer.

She basically has a free ticket to Root’s tier just due to their pairing is. If they had made her buyable with MP I would’ve grinded MP just for her art. The only sad part is that Roots is slowly losing his grip on his position in the tier lists. He still has potential in his ult, so let’s all hope for the best. Sigh… I’ll have my dog pull for me and hope that he grants me with the power to roll her.

7 Stars

Old Castle Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia   Old Castle Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia [B-]

        HP: 5180 ATK: 1409 RCV: 0

Holiday Summoning Circle-Wt & Dk: Change all orbs to Water & Dark orbs. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 2 turns. (14 Turns)

How Is My Dancing?: Physical & Dragon type cards HP x2, ATK x2.5. All attribute cards ATK x1.2 when reaching 6 combos or above.

Pros Cons
  • Insane HP at 5180 unplussed
  • bicolor dark/blue board
  • 2 turn haste
  • No RCV
  • No SBR
  • Outclassed leader-wise
  • poor awakenings

Bicolor boards have always been quite useful in this game. It allows for a good amount of burst damage on mono-color teams and can be used on farming teams to quickly clear a stage. While Sonia’s skill has its uses, as a card she has been overshadowed by stronger cards.

Sonia has great HP like her normal Sonia counterpart, but has no RCV and average ATK. Her awakenings are lacking as well- the main use I can think of her is to put her on a dark team. Unfortunately, Pandora and Lucifer are slowly being dropped as well, and she’s not even devil type, so inheritance is basically required. With her uses slowly dwindling, I can still see a ray of hope on Machine Hera teams.

As a leader she can clear content, but a Sonia team is still a Sonia team. There are much better options to play and she isn’t that impressive as a leader anyways. Better leaders are incredibly rife these days, and you likely won’t find much success if you try her out as a leader.

6 Stars

Masquerade Devil, Rozuel  Masquerade Devil, Rozuel [A-]

        HP: 3720 ATK: 1613 RCV: 90

Healing Hymn: Changes Light to Heal orbs. (5 Turns)

Where’s my pumpkin?: 1.25x ATK/RCV to Devil and Attacker types. 3x ATK for Fire/Dark or Dark/Dark combos.

Pros Cons
  • TPAs for days
  • heartmaker in the heart meta
  • fast active- good inheritance target
  • Unbindable+bind heal awakening
  • poor leader skill
  • terrible RCV

With such a short cooldown, Rozuel will be useful as an inheritance base. She’s unbindable as well, which raises her usefulness, as she can be a good bind clear as well. As a heartmaker in the current heart cross meta, she can also find a use on teams like Gremory or Halloween Xiang Mei. Sadly, she lacks dark rows or dark OE.

Sadly, her RCV is much lower than her Red form, but the gain of devil typing is probably the reason behind that. In conclusion, she’ll be useful as an unbindable bind clear with inheritance and a good inheritance base overall with her low cooldown.



Moonlit Prowler, Vampire Lord  Moonlit Prowler, Vampire Lord [B]

      HP: 2996 ATK: 1368 RCV: 463

Attack Stance – Dark: Changes Heal to Dark orbs. (5 Turns)

The Moon is Beautiful Tonight: Dark attribute cards HP x2, ATK x2.5.

Pros Cons
  • Upgrade to Dark Valkyrie
  • God killer
  • Short cooldown
  • Heartbreaker in the heart cross meta
  • Poor Leader Skill

Vampire Lord is basically an upgrade to Dark Valkyrie in terms of awakenings. His recent buff added another TPA and a god killer, pushing him above Dark Valkyrie for heartbreaking. Although he brings less stats, he brings the killer awakening which makes him better. He’s very similar to Beach Valkyrie, but brings god killer instead of machine killer. I can’t say whether this is an upgrade or downgrade, as they both have their specific uses for different dungeons.

He can find use on Pandora or a lot of other dark teams, but the problem is still there- He’s a heartbreaker in the heart cross meta and heartbreakers just aren’t great for now. The god killer means that he can be a stable sub for Machine Hera (Especially with the shorter cooldown), but that’s the only niche use I can think of for him.

Mysterious Guest, Laila  Mysterious Guest, Laila [B+]

        HP: 2325 ATK: 1606 RCV: 511

Midnight Spell: Change bottom-most row into Dark orbs. (6 Turns)

I’ll Have Some Fun Tonight!: Attacker & Devil type cards HP x1.5. All attribute cards ATK x3 on the turn a skill is used. ( Multiple skills will not stack )

Pros Cons
  • Good awakenings
  • fair ATK and RCV
  • devil typing
  • active makes a row
  • Poor leader skill
  • low HP

Laila was available in last year’s Halloween REM and has received two rows in an attempt to make her worth rolling for. Sadly, she still isn’t too useful in the current meta.

Although the REM counterpart witches have been buffed with double killers, they still don’t see much use on top teams. The only places where they are seen are farming teams like Machine Zeus or Awoken Liu Bei. Although the addition of two rows on her Halloween version makes her a respectable sub in the damage department, her active is still kind of lacking compared to other actives. You’ll be making 6 orbs on a 6 turn cooldown, which compared to a 5 turn orb changer just isn’t impressive.

I believe that Machine Hera will find a good use for her. A free row maker is always welcome, and on such a short cooldown you can inherit stuff over her as well. Row teams like Pandora or Lucifer will also find her quite useful, just not a top sub. Inheritance saves the day once again.

Dancing Seiryuu Princess, Karin  Dancing Seiryuu Princess, Karin [A-]

         HP: 3345 ATK: 1631 RCV: 284

Eastern Seven-Star Formation: Change all orbs to Water, Wood & Dark orbs. (8 Turns)

Let the Sacred Beast Dance begin!: ATK x3.5 when attacking with 3 of following orb types: Water, Wood, Dark & Heart. Matched attribute ATK x2 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb.

Pros Cons
  • better leader skill than the other 5 stars (arguably better than Halloween Blonia as well :P)
  • lots of OE
  • color flexibility
  • board changer is weak
    • tricolor usually requires fixing
    • doesn’t make hearts
  • lacks SBR

Karin is another one of the seasonal Chinese god cards, and she seems to be following the trend. This card sports a 5-in-1, with all five Chinese gods doing Thriller. It’s quite a view from here. Looking at the other Chinese gods, I doubt she’ll stand out as a leader. Compared to the rest of the 5 and 6 star rolls, her leader skill blows them away. She’s probably the most viable leader from the 5/6 stars if you’re looking for one.

Sadly, her board changer isn’t used much these days due to the heart cross meta. If you’re able to find a good pairing, go for it- but a tricolor board will often require fixing. Her OE awakenings are great for raising your damage but she lacks SBR which can be a problem for water teams.

Karin also has a dark form, which is nice because it’s a strong board changer for Yomi Dragon. Depending on how powerful Yomi Dragon’s ult is when it’s revealed, the usefulness of Dark Karin will vary.

Spirit of the Masquerade, Alraune  Spirit of the Masquerade, Alraune [A-]

       HP: 2834 ATK: 1019 RCV: 717

Jack-o’-Lantern: Bind recovery for 4 turns. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn. (7 Turns)

Right This Way: Healer & Devil type cards ATK x3. Heal RCV x5 as HP after every orbs elimination.

Pros Cons
  • Bind recovery + haste
  • very high RCV
  • strong awakenings
    • double time extends
    • double SBR
    • unbindability
    • double waifu power
  • poor leader skill
  • poor HP and ATK
  • many good utility cards these days

I remember when she came around last year, I REALLY wanted her. I didn’t have any good bind clear options (oh how times have changed). This year, with the buffs giving her three extra awakenings, she’s a very desirable card once again.

She’s a godly utility sub. She not only bind clears, she brings haste as well. Her awakenings are amazing with the SBR and time extends helping out nearly every team. While her leader skill is nothing worth talking about, her insane sub value makes her pretty worth it. Her ATK and HP are lacking slightly, so keep that in mind when you’re teambuilding with her.

The only problem with her is that she doesn’t have a solid home. She’s 100% utility, no offensive awakenings at all. Some may even say with all the good utility subs these days, she’s not as needed anymore. She does have devil typing, making her qualified for a lot of devil only teams. Gremory and Halloween Xiang Mei come to mind. If you ever need a bind clear, you know where to look.

5 Stars

bV34xWt.jpg  Tea House Girl, Chiyome [B]

       HP: 3238 ATK: 1490 RCV: 383

Costume Changing Technique-Dark: Changes Wood to Dark orbs. (5 Turns)

Hey, sorry to keep you waiting!: 2x HP and 2.5x ATK to Balanced types.

Pros Cons
  • Fast orb changer
  • Dragon Killer
  • SBR
  • flexible awakenings
  • bad leader skill
  • overshadowed by Pandora
  • Fire version has more killers

For a 5 star gold card, I have to say I expected more. Sure, Halloween Chiyome is a fast 5 turn orb changer, but with her regular form receiving buffs in the form of double killers, her single dragon killer doesn’t seem as special. I feel like her card was designed before the ninja buffs, and not changed before they threw her into the REM.

Machine Hera can utilize her as a sub, but usually Hanzo does the job better because of his higher ATK and more killers. She’s still a fine sub because she does have more balanced stats. On other teams, she finds herself being compared to Pandora, another green>dark. While Pandora’s active is longer, it makes hearts as well- and depending on if your Pandora is awoken or not, enhances hearts/hastes by 1. I can’t say that Pandora is straight up better in every situation, but she’s superior in almost every way.

Halloween Chiyome does have devil and balanced typing, meaning she can be used on a lot of endgame teams. Maybe if they gave her another killer or a row/TPA, she would be slightly more worthy for a 5 star. But for now, I find her a little disappointing for a gold.

bFypaSN.jpg  Masquerade Goddess, Parvati [C+]

      HP: 3543 ATK: 1226 RCV: 483

Guard Stance – Wood: Changes Water to Heal orbs. (5 Turns)

How Is My Dancing?: 3x ATK to Wood cards.

Pros Cons
  • double killers
  • poison resist
  • Liu-Bei sub considering her killers
  • heartmaker in the heart cross meta
  • Good HP and RCV
  • poor leader skill
  • low ATK
  • no SBR
    • awakenings are lacking (killers aside)

One glance at her leader skill, and it’s easy to tell she was not made to be a leader. I think it’s neat that they gave her the same leader skill that her original form had, but that was a leader skill good 3 years ago, not now. Just like Chiyome, she was designed to be a sub.

Dragon and Devil cards haunt this game, with the two types overlapping as well. One notable enemy is Zaerog Infinity, which Pavarti will deal 9x damage to. This makes her a neat sub to have for farming on Liu-Bei teams in dungeons like Zaerog Infinity. With the poison resists, she might also find use in poison based dungeons. Not to mention with the short activyou can inherit a bicolor board or something else to help your farming.

Otherwise, she makes a decent sub for the heart cross meta leaders. Teams like Kaede or Ronove will both find her useful, as she brings a short heart making active. Do note that she lacks SBR, and doesn’t bring any damage enhancing awakenings other than a single TPA. The killers are nice, but can accidentally push you over damage caps. Overall, she’s just a situational sub in the end.

4 Stars

Old Castle Patissiere, Undine  Old Castle Patissiere, Undine  [C]

          HP: 2405 ATK: 1343 RCV: 469

Water Rapids Field: Avoid all Fire damage for 3 turns. Enhance Water orbs. +6% per orb, up to +180% for full board. (10 Turns)

How about some sweets?: Water attribute cards HP x2. Matched attribute ATK x2.5 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb.

Pros Cons
  •  Awakenings?
  • 100% shield
  • poor leader skill
  • can’t inherit

With so many dungeons requiring 100% shields now, cards like Undine are actually making quite a come-back. Sadly, being a 4 star and lacking an evolution, this Undine can’t be inherited and will have to be an actual sub to reap her skill’s benefits. Because of this reason alone, Halloween Undine is a pretty sad pull, and it’s questionable if she’s even better than her original REM form. The awakenings are very similar, and the only thing Halloween Undine has over regular Undine is the leader skill (which isn’t even that impressive).

I guess you could use her as an actual sub on farming teams for her shield, but she only brings 1 SB which can be a problem for farming teams. She’s also likely not to be on color. If you decide to use her as an actual team sub, note that there are probably better farmable options. Her active is very situational and has a long cooldown even when max skilled. Even with inheritance over her it’s going to be a poor choice. Undine is altogether disappointing in nearly every aspect.

Masquerade Rock Singer, Misery  Masquerade Rock Singer, Misery [B]

         HP: 3018 ATK: 1850 RCV: 32

Poison Shout: Change top-most row into Poison orbs. 50% damage reduction for 1 turn. (5 Turns)

I’ve…gotta sing…: All attribute cards ATK x2, RCV x2 when reaching 4 or more combos. ATK x3.5 when simultaneously clearing 6 connected Poison or Mortal Poison orbs.

Pros Cons
  • High ATK
  • Possible sub for MAthena
    • low CD active skill
  • Possible sub for Ronove
  • 49x when paired, system team is possible with dupes
  • non-existent RCV
  • poison meta never really pushed off

I’m really unsure how to feel about Misery. She’s a silver, so I understand if she has weaknesses, but this…? Gungho went way too ham on the autoheal. Autoheal in the current game isn’t the most useful, and tacking on so many on one card pushes out chances of other better awakenings.

While her leader skill does offer an RCV boost, she brings nearly no RCV- which the autoheal really doesn’t make up for. As a leader she’s outclassed by Hel, a farmable monster- and even Hel’s playstyle wasn’t really appealing. I doubt she’ll go too far as a leader, but it’s a different story when looking at her as a sub.

She can be paired with Ronove to generate a good amount of wood orbs for his own team or another green team. If you pair with Spica she can also be useful on Machine Athena teams for making a lot of green orbs. Otherwise, the 50% defense reduction is niche and can be a poor man’s shield. The short 5 turn cooldown also allows you to inherit better actives if needed, which makes her a tad more appealing for MAthena.

Like I said before, I have very mixed feelings about this card, as a leader she can be strong but it will take lots of investment. As a sub she also has her uses but is outclassed by better stronger options. Maybe if they buff autoheal somehow she’ll become more useful.

Playful Star Gods, Thoth & Sopdet  Playful Star Gods, Thoth & Sopdet [B+]

         HP: 3350 ATK: 1566 RCV: 205

Gleam of Sirius: Change Water orbs to Heart orbs. All attacks become multi-target for 1 turn. (6 Turns)

Trick or Treat!: ATK x2 when attacking with 2 of following orb types: Light, Dark & Heart. ATK x1.5 for each additional orb type, up to ATK x3.5 for all 3 matches. Increases time limit of orb movement by 5 seconds.

Pros Cons
  •  strong awakenings for a 4 star
    • 20% dark resist
    • SBR
    • Offensive awakenings
  • niche leader skill
    • good for S-ranks
    • no awakening dungeon
    • great for beginners
  • heartmaker
  •  time extend leader skill outclassed by Myr

I actually really wanted Thoth and Sopdet last year when Halloween came around. They give a ton of time extends and is useful for no awakening dungeons and getting easy S-ranks. This year, although there were no buffs, the changing meta actually gives Thoth and Sopdet a use. For no-awakening dungeons, Myr now outclasses them. They bring more time extension, but Myr brings a much higher multiplier along with stronger everything else. Their usage in this department has been dwindled.

However, it IS the heart cross meta, and guess what Thoth and Sopdet do? Make hearts! Although they aren’t top subs, they can be used for teams like Gremory or Halloween Xiang Mei. With the short cooldown, you can inherit an active on as well and expect it to come up fairly quickly. They also bring strong awakenings for a 4 star along with the 20% dark resist.

If the heart cross meta never happened, Thoth and Sopdet would’ve been pushed even further down. Luckily for them this meta did begin, because they get one more year of Trick or Treating. (Next year is cross jammer poison meta)

Masquerade Guest, Izanami  Masquerade Guest, Izanami [C+]

         HP: 3287 ATK: 1239 RCV: 409

Merciful Protection: 35% damage reduction for 1 turn. (4 Turns)

Care to Join Me?: All attribute cards RCV x0.5. Balanced & God type cards ATK x4.

Pros Cons
  •  16x good for beginners/easy farming
  • Dark OE
  • God typing
  • shield active on short cooldown
  •  Smaller shields have fallen out of favor
  • Leader skill doesn’t offer much after midgame
  • awakenings are lacking utility wise

When her art was first released one year ago, many people very excited because they believed that she would bring Dark Izanami’s active (3 turn shield) in a form with better stats/awakenings. When her active was released, it was a pretty disappointing moment. Halloween Izanami borrowed Light Izanami’s 1 turn shield instead of Dark Izanami’s 3 turn shield. They didn’t change her card since last year, so she was left even further behind. Smaller shields have fallen out of favor, most people use larger shields (Indra) or 100% shields (Raphael).

None of her stats are outstanding (RCV is above average but that’s about it). In terms of awakenings, the OE is nice, but the light resistance is very niche. She also lacks utility awakenings such as SBR. Her leaderskill may be helpful for quick farming or for beginners, but after midgame she really doesn’t have a home. 16x is much too low, and your RCV will be non-existent.

The only shining hope of light is her god typing. When Yomi Dragon’s evolution is released, people who rolled this card can only cross their fingers and hope the new buffs make Halloween Izanami a decent sub.

Masquerade Pumpkineer, Mulan  Masquerade Pumpkineer, Mulan [B]

     HP: 3172 ATK: 1300 RCV: 340

Illusory Spectral Sword: Inflict Dark damage equal to ATK x10 to all enemies. Affected by enemy element and defense. Bind recovery for 3 turns. (7 Turns)

Wanna carve some pumpkins?: Balanced & Dragon type cards HP x2, ATK x2.

Pros Cons
  •  3 skill boosts
  • unbindable bind clear
  •  can’t be inherited
  • poor leader skill


And here we reach the last card for analysis. She’s definitely not a bad pull, but she isn’t outstanding either. There aren’t that many dark unbindable bind clearing cards, so Mulan might find some uses in that department. One notable farmable card is Aamir, which is arguably stronger than Mulan with his devil typing. However, Mulan does bring the triple skillboosts and has cuter art :3.

With the 3 skillboosts and the tiny nuke, you can pair her with a defense breaker like Anji to farm high defense enemies. Other than that, I don’t see much usage for her.

Sadly, her skill can’t be inherited. She also lacks devil typing blocking her from a lot of teams. If she was inheritable or had devil typing, her grade might’ve been higher. It’s sad that Gungho doesn’t give seasonal silvers ults, it would cause their value to rise a lot :(.


The REM is packed full of cute Waifus and some strong cards. However, pulling them is an issue if you are’t planning on spending too much or anything at all. Seasonal REM rates, as seem by previous REMs, are absolute trash. There are a good amount of useful gold cards, but the silvers (you’ll likely be getting them a lot if you decide to roll a lot) are merely situationally useful. In the long run I don’t see them having a permanent spot on top teams.

Do note that unless you are willing to spend a good amount of rolls, never expect more than a silver. I have made the mistake of only rolling a few times- gambling for a gold card, only to find myself disappointed by my bundle of new silvers. Although the power of silvers in these REMs have improved greatly for a year ago, they are still silvers and will almost always have another card doing what they do better. Sure, you’ll get lucky sometimes (I have gotten really lucky with special REMs), but with the PCGF speculated to be coming soon it’s questionable if you should even roll more than once if you’re non or light-IAP. Let me know what you’re planning to do with this REM and what you’re hoping to roll!

I am personally planning to roll two or three times in hope for a gold. It’s a gamble that I’m willing to take, because I am an absolute idiot. The upcoming PCGF won’t be enough for me to turn away from the calls of the waifus. Please don’t fall into the waifu trap like me and save yourself while you still can. Run. Don’t end up like m-



4 thoughts on “2016 Halloween Seasonal REM Review

  1. Good review, i agree with most of it. The one big thing i think you got wrong is with HXM needing three copies, citing the original XM. As the author of the XM guide on the PaD forums, i can assure you that two colies is the most you will want on the team. The system may be nice, but you really start wanting red orbs after a floor or two.

    Also, 5 misery and a utility sub makes for an interesting team. 5 miserys lets you pop an active every turn, guaranteeing both enough poison to activate, AND a permanent 50% shield, for a 2/49/8 team with 17k autoheal… its not necessarily good, but it’s certainly fun looking. 🙂

    (Plus it’s already cleared Arena )


    • Yeah I saw the Youtube video, it looks like a fun team to play! Thank you for the feedback about HXM, I’ll change that when I get a chance.


    i didnt know there was another pad blogger like yourself who puts so much time and consideration to his/her posts! I will be sure to favourite your site. Keep up the good work!


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