[Team Challenge] Legendary Snowy Valley


Whenever I have too much stamina and have to go to school or whatever, I’ll always check and see which technical I have not cleared in Team Challenge mode. The harder ones burn 99 stamina per attempt and that’s fast when you suck like me :P. I’m going to start writing guides for how I clear these dungeons in Team Challenge, so that hopefully all of you can get that sweet extra stone.

I’ve done this dungeon so many times and failed at the boss stage or the second to last stage. I honestly wasn’t expecting too much entering the dungeon, but I changed up my tactics and was able to kill him. This is probably my 10th try so far spread apart in a month or so. If I had tackled the dungeon with a different mindset for the final stage, I would’ve cleared it much earlier. More information below.

My(r) Team

Team: No.2968 Illusionless Time Dragonbound, Myr No.2972 Green Earth Wind Dragon Caller, Kaede No.2972 Green Earth Wind Dragon Caller, Kaede No.2972 Green Earth Wind Dragon Caller, Kaede No.2995 Bursting Great Earl of Hell, Ronove No.2995 Bursting Great Earl of Hell, Ronove

Inherits: empty.PNG No.2672 Adamantine Jewel Princess, Facet empty.PNG empty.PNG No.2501 Archangel of Creation, Raphael empty.PNG 

Here is my team setup with all the inheritance. I began trying the challenge with a full team of Kaede, but realized a lot of the floors were RNG based and that ate away a lot of stamina. After a few failures, this team consistently got me to the final floor.

Ralph is there to deal with Ilsix when he locks the board full of jammers. He gives you two more turns to knock Ilsix dead after getting rid of the jammers. He can be replaced with any 100% damage shield or a regular shield if you plan to make a heart cross to tank his hit (Make sure to calculate this out before using it). An orb refresh works as well, but note that you’ll get 1 less turn to take him out. If you’re confident in your damage, an orb refresh is better because of the shorter cooldown.

Facet can be replaced with another large burst skill (Sheen comes to mind), but let’s Facet (haha?) the bigger the burst the more consistent your runs will be. I used her to knock out Ilsix after I had put Raph up and cleared jammers.

All of the cards were max leveled and skilled except for my Myr. She’s +297, but is level 3 (huge disadvantage!) and only around level 80. With a max skilled and evolved Myr, especially with a useful skill attached, the runs would’ve been much easier. At least I’ve shown that it’s possible with an unevolved barely skilled Myr :P.

Dungeon Walkthrough

Blue keeper has around 1.1 million HP and won’t actually hit too hard (17k) unless you hit him under 25% (45k). Depending on how much you want to stall, you can stay as long as you want on this floor. TPA + cross heal will kill him, but with a cross heal you’ll be able to survive all his hits if your HP is at a manageable amount. He also only hits every 3 turns, making him a great place to stall.


This stage is a tad annoying, if the two blue dubs are synced they will likely kill you even with the cross shield up (30370 HP required with 50% damage reduction). You can either grind them all down by matching 5 lights and greens every turn, but in a dangerous situation 7 green orbs (1 TPA + 3 match), will kill the blue dubs and maybe the rainbow one. The rainbow one deals 60123 before factoring in cross shield, so calculate if you can survive that before trying to stall here.

There’s a green absorb, meaning you’ll have to stall here. He does randomized attacks that don’t hit too hard, and a 32800 hit the turn the absorb is over. Plan your heart orbs nicely, and make sure to put up a cross shield right before his shield goes away. This stage shouldn’t be too hard as long as you’re careful. After the shield is gone either burst him down with TPAs or stall a little more. He has just over 4 million HP, which 2 TPAs should make quick work of.


Although this stage can be annoying with the Tamadra changing a random color to dark, they don’t deal too much damage. I don’t suggest stalling here if you don’t have to, as you’ll have plenty of time on the next floor to get your skills back up. Take a few hits if you need to, and burst them down when you can. The masks only have 200k DEF and the blue tamadra only has 600k (300k with green).

By far the most annoying stage. Most of my deaths was to this dragon. He absorbs damage over 400k for 99 turns and does random attacks. You want to keep him AWAY from 100% HP and AWAY from <25% HP because he’ll use Frozen Pain, a big hut also changing the board to poisons and waters. If this happens, simply pop Ronove and more skills if required to heal up. For the rest of his attacks are smaller hits, the second most dangerous one being Ice and Roses, where he changes the left side of the board to 3 columns of water, green, and poision. Try to keep your spare hearts on the right side of the board, and pop Ronove when you have to. It took me a few tries to get a hang of how to handle him, so it’s fine if you can’t beat him the first time.

When he’s water subtype, try staying away from green TPAs along with heart crosses. Green TPAs alone will still deal good damage, but with a heart cross will likely go over the damage cap. Once you get to the green subtype you’ll have more flexibility. When you bring him under 25%, make sure to have a Ronove up to get rid of the poisons and another skill such as Myr or Kaede to get your cross for damage.

And the boss himself, the legendary Ilsix. For every run until my successful one, I used the burst to hit him to 1, he healed to 50%, I knocked him to 30%, he changed my entire board to jammers, hearts and blue. After that I popped Raph, but sometimes my damage wasn’t enough to take him from 30%-0% in those two turns. The successful time, I just grinded him down normally with heart crosses. Then, when he was under 30% and changed my board, Raph and burst afterwards. Works like a charm- here’s a screenshot of the boss stage. 14696761_1690457641282070_887288150_n.jpg


That’s all for this Team Challenge guide, thank you all for reading. Let me know if I missed anything critical or if you have feedback/criticism. You can also message me on Discord at Potato*PAD.

I hope that this guide will be helpful to you if you are trying to find a way to beat it in Team Challenge. If you don’t have the subs I listed due to lack of viable friends, try looking for them on Reddit or Discord. There are plenty of friendly faces in those places willing to help you out.

Thank you for taking a look at my blog, and I’ll see you all later. Potato, out. 


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