Batman Collab REM Review


Batman has been dropped on us like a bomb. I knew that they recieved buffs in JP and that it would come over sometime, but I didn’t remember about it until I checked Reddit this morning and Gungho hit us with a surprise data download.

This post will likely be released before the Halloween REM review is released, so I’ll just say that I have changed up by formatting based on all you guys’ feedback. More information on the changes will be included with the Seasonal Halloween REM review.

REM Overview

Batman Collab only has 7 cards, but that doesn’t make pulling the golds any easier compared to other special REMs. In fact, it may make it more frustrating as you’ll likely be seeing the same 5 silver cards over and over and over again before finally earning a glimpse of gold. 2/7 of the cards are golds, and that ratio is terrible compared to some the REMs. None of the cards stand out, and the meta has destroyed the golds from being viable in the current state of the game. The only viable card, Armored Batman, isn’t even available in this REM. Overall, this REM is trash for the average player. Unless you need Tamazo X Batman or another card for some specific reason, stay away.

5 Stars

No.2133 Batman+Disruptor No.2134 Batman+Batmobile

4 Stars

No.2136 Final Nightmare Harley Quinn No.674 Robin+E. Stick No.672 Catwoman+C. Claw No.677 Batman+Batarang CqHqGLLUMAA_qzy.jpg

I’m happy that there’s only 7 cards, it means that I have to review less. Don’t get me wrong, writing special REM reviews actually benefits be a lot as I am both gaining writing skill and PAD knowledge. But like I said before, I was working on the Halloween Seasonal REM Review, and Gungho did drop a bomb here. I should probably stop typing this and get ahead with the review so I can get back to the Halloween Review.

5 Stars

Batman+BatmobileBatman+Batmobile   C+

         HP: 3198 ATK: 1545 RCV: 363

Batwing: Deal 999 damage to 1 enemy. Ignore enemy element and defense. Dark attribute ATK x2.5 for 1 turn. (11 turns)

Missile Barrage: Balanced & Machine type cards ATK x1.3, RCV x1.3. Dark attribute cards ATK x4 when HP is greater than 80%.

Pros Cons
  • Balanced stats
  • okay for farming
  • true damage
  • burst active skill for dark
  • awakenings are flexible
  • Machine Hera is better
  • better burst options
  • 999 damage only hits 1 enemy
  • Limited subpool – balanced/machine
  • machine typing
  • no SBR

When this card was first released, he had his uses. An ~27x multiplier for balance and machine type and 16x for anything else was actually quite high in the farming meta. Sadly, even with the recent 999 damage buff, he doesn’t seem too impressive.

This Batman’s leader skill is outclassed by Machine Hera, which does nearly everything better than him. While his active skill brings a 2.5x burst, there are better bursts available now for a longer duration of time. The 999 damage that the buff added has it’s uses but will stay niche. Having the true damage target everything instead of only one would have given him some uses. His stats are also average, as they didn’t recieve any stat buffs since the last time the REM came around. All around, this card has been outclassed and left in the dust. Sad to say that one of the gold pulls has already been outclassed so fast.

Gungho seems to be pushing Machine type really hard for a while now, and his machine typing might become useful in the future. He doesn’t have that many uses as of now, but if Gungho releases a dark leader that requires machines, he’ll at least have that role to fill. Is this worth rolling for him? No.

  No.1476 Batman+BW Stealth        

Here’s the split ult of this card, and it’s even more outclassed. For starters, he does have a SBR, which the D/D form doesn’t have, and has devil typing to make him viable for devil based teams, but the fun ends there. The awakenings are spread thin between water and dark, making it hard for him to be a top sub for a mono-color team. The stats, which weren’t even too good to begin with barely change, and his leader skill becomes even worse at 12.25 at best.

Batman+DisruptorBatman+Disruptor   B

      HP: 4303 ATK: 1448 RCV: 102

Electric Impact: Delay 2 turns to all enemies. Bind recovery for 2 turns. (9 turns)

Electromagnetic Pulse: Physical & Machine type cards HP x1.3, ATK x1.3. Dark attribute cards ATK x4 when HP is full. Dark attribute cards ATK x4 when HP is less than 50%.

Pros Cons
  • High HP
  • delay active+bind clear
  • unbindable
  • okay for farming
  • better than the Batman ^
  • Machine Hera is better
  • poor RCV
  • no SBR
  • Limited subpool- physical/machine
  • machine typing

He faces the same problem as Batman+Batmobile. Outclassed and left in the dust by the fast changing meta. For how rare he is, his benefits just aren’t worth it. While his leader skill may be better (50% vs 80%), it’s still greatly outclassed by Machine Hera because of the tiny subpool. Dark physical cards aren’t known to bring good RCV, and although your HP will be higher, without he ability to heal up you won’t be clearing much.

His active recently got buffed to include 2 turns of bind clear. This is actually a pretty neat buff, because he can delay while bind clearing at the same time- two actives in one. While his awakenings are fairly weak, they are flexible for both TPA and rows, and he is unbindable as well.

Just like Batman+Batmobile, if Gungho decides to push the machine type even further, these guys have the chance to become good subs. It’s just a chance and I don’t suggest anyone roll just for this reason.

  No.1221 Batman+S. Gloves Act FB        

This gold has a split ult as well, and he’s worse in almost every single way. For starters, he does have devil type, which may allow you to put him on a devil team. He also covers light instead of fire, and light is sometimes a hard to cover color on rainbow team. And the fun ends there.

Every single stat is worse on this version, and he also brings two awakenings that will be nearly useful for most teams- a light row and a light orb enhance. The light orb enhance still has some use if you’re running a mono-colored dark team and have a light>dark card, but overall it’s definitely not as strong as another dark enhance. The lack of focus in his awakenings make it so that for general use, D/R is a better sub option.

4 Stars

Final Nightmare Harley QuinnFinal Nightmare Harley Quinn  A

         HP: 2008 ATK: 1653 RCV: 353

Tears of a Clown: Change Dark orbs to Fire orbs, Light orbs to Water orbs. (7 Turns)

Harley Quinn’s Payback: ATK x3 when attacking with Fire & Water orb types at the same time.

Pros Cons
  • Great skill/sub for Sun Quan or Awoken Hermes
  • lots of OE
  • double TPA
  • no SBR
  • very low HP
  • overall stats aren’t impressive
  • trash leader skill

They might as well add her to the Halloween REM because based on these recent memes every single girl is going to be dressed up like her.

Harley Quinn got a lot out of this buff. Before it all she had were the first 3 of her awakenings. She got 6 extra ones now, and her rating has improved greatly.

Harley Quinn was already a good inheritance choice for fire/water teams, especially Awoken Hermes/ Awoken Sun Quan, which requires both colors. With the awakenings that she got, she actually becomes a decent sub herself. While her subtype is mainly fire, the OE she brings makes her very strong as a sub. Do note that the HP is low, but the RCV and ATK are both fair. If you have a base stronger than her, inherit her. If not, she’s a strong sub herself.

Robin+E. StickRobin+E. Stick  C-

    HP: 2745 ATK: 1365 RCV: 307

Birdarangs: Deal 99 damage to 1 enemy. Ignore enemy element and defense. Balanced type cards ATK x1.2 for 6 turns (3 Turns)

Boy Wonder: ATK x4 at 8 combos. ATK x2 for each additional combo, up to ATK x8 at 10 combos.

Pros Cons
  • Short cooldown makes him viable for certain dungeons
  • inheritance base
  • cost restriction dungeons are gone, leader skill is trash
  • poor awakenings and stats

Ah. I remember back then when there were cost restrict dungeons like Tengu and you needed a low cost leader to run them. Robin was great back then, as his cost was so low. Now, not so much…

With his active being buffed recently to deal 99 damage, he can find use on being used several times in a single dungeon, which some dungeons (like Zaerog Infinity) require. That’s the one pro I can see to him, and honestly being an inheritance base is the only thing he can do. His stats are poor, his awakenings are poor, and his leader skill doesn’t have much of a use anymore. He has been greatly outclassed and Gungho wasn’t even nice enough to give him a buff.

RIP Robin you will live forever in our hearts.

Catwoman+C. ClawCatwoman+C. Claw  D

   HP: 1635 ATK: 1398 RCV: 647

Nine Lives: Inflict Fire damage equal to ATK x20-100 to all enemies. Affected by enemy element and defense. Randomly spawn 8 Fire orbs from non Fire orbs.(10 Turns)

Master Theif: Get x1.5 coins after a battle.

Pros Cons
  • more coins?
  • good RCV
  • embarrassing awakenings
  • terrible overall stats
  • active is outclassed

When I began playing around 450 days ago, I would see Catwoman a lot on the weekends when people would be farming coins. Now, she’s outclassed just like all the other cards- Ganesha, for example.

The only good thing about her is her high RCV, but I doubt you’ll be using her as a sub due to her trashy awakenings. Her active generates 8 random orbs, but the cooldown is bit long and there are many other cards with stronger actives. The random nuke attack will barely make a dent in harder dungeons.

Overall, Catwoman sucks. End of story. Yet another card outclassed.

CqHqGLLUMAA_qzy.jpgTamazo X Batman   A+

         HP: 2657 ATK: 1313 RCV: 347

Evil Will Not Be Tolerated- TAMA!: Increase appearance chance of Heal Orbs by 15%; Other allies’ skills charge by 1 turn. (7 Turns)

I’m a Dark Hero- TAMA!: 5x ATK when 2+ Heal combos

Pros Cons
  • 7 turn active with haste
  • great awakenings
  • cute tama art
  • active skill doesn’t make hearts
  • questionable stats
  • poor leader skill (still better than the other silvers’ leader skills)

This cute Tamazo tama found his way into the Batman machine! If I could choose one of the silvers to keep, it would be this little guy. He’s not only cute, but his value as a card is not bad as well!

To begin, his stats aren’t the best. However, the awakenings make up for it. 3 dark rows increases ATK, enhanced heal increases team RCV, and the unbindability makes him an overall strong sub to have. Not to mention he’s cute!

He’s basically dark Navi. Increases the chance of heart orbs to appear. This can be useful on teams such as the new Halloween Xiang Mei or a heart cross leader like Gremory. It’s usually natural to add another skill on top, as the 15% skyfall buff isn’t the best. Although he’s not the ideal sub for these teams, he’s a pretty darn good option considering it isn’t actually that hard to pull him. Did I mention that he’s cute?

In the end, it really does boil down to this- he’s cute. Roll for him.

Batman+Remote Claw Batman+Remote Claw  B

     HP: 2490 ATK: 1700 RCV: 183

Intimidation: Delay 1 turn to all enemies. Change Jammer orbs to Dark orbs. (8 turns)

Dark Knight: Dark attribute cards HP x2, ATK x2.

Pros Cons
  • hazard clearing active
  • good ATK
  • lots of blind resistance
  • active only good when there are jammers
  • trash leader skill
  • poor awakenings
  • poor overall stats

While the other two Batman cards at least have their uses, this form of Batman is pretty embarrassing. His ATK stat is the only good stat he has, and his HP and RCV are both far below average. His awakenings are terrible as well, and his leader skill provides nothing worth talking about.

His active skill has its uses, but the fact that you need jammer orbs to make darks is a bit of a turn-off. Not all dungeons have jammer orbs, and relying on them to generate orbs features an inconsistent supply of dark orbs.

Edit: I forgot that the buff brought him 5 extra awakenings, making him have some use. Some newer blind mechanics have been released, in dungeons like Machine Athena. In the future, these blind resists may be important to block the blinds. I can’t speak for certain yet, but it’s a possibility.


This REM is stocked full of silvers with a terrible gold/silver ratio of 2/7. Even the golds have been outclassed by time and aren’t as useful as they were when the collab came around last time. If they have decided to add Armored Batman into the REM, they would’ve gotten more revenue. His latest buffs make him an insane high tier leader. It’s sad that he wasn’t included in this REM. For now, the REM is absolute trash.

If you decide to roll, good luck. Batman approves. If you don’t decide to roll, good for you. Batman would be kind of pissed, but nobody even knows who he is or if he’s even real. So you should be fine. Just leave your IP address below in the comments if you decide not to roll.

I mean… I’m not saying I am Batman, but have you seen me and Batman in the same room together? Darn I’ve said too much, Batman✩PAD, out.

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