[Guide] How To Use Discord


It surprises me how many players are unfamiliar with the tool Discord. Whenever I log on to Facebook and check around in some of the PAD groups, there are always people looking for co-op there. Discord is such a valuable asset in assisting my gameplay, it’s hard to imagine playing without it.

If you’re here, you probably want to learn how to use Discord, or try it out. If you’re really unfamiliar with resources in the game, you might not even know what it is. As stated by the website itself, Discord is a free voice and text chat for gamers. You can send pictures, join servers, look for other people to co-op with, and if you aren’t feeling it- just talking with people. It works great for PAD because with the co-op option, you won’t always have people on the spot to work with. Discord allows you to find people to work with and chat with while the dungeon.

You can use Discord on your computer in the form of a website or download the app. You can also download the app on your phone for free from the store.

In this guide, I’ve written about how to use the chats and specific servers for their specific uses. As you continue to use Discord, you’ll get more used to it, and it will likely become a prominent tool in your PAD life. If I missed anything, feel free to comment below.


PAD Official Community Server: https://discord.gg/pad

This is the server with the most people. It ranges from random chats to arena farming. This server covers most if not all of PAD content.

The main use I have for this server is the guerellia dungeon chat. This is where people with the rooms up (Tamadras, STTD, Ruby Dragons, etc.) post their codes for people to join. These rooms fill up insanely fast, which can be annoying if you aren’t on a computer and phone or type numbers in insanely fast.

PAD w/ Mechs: discord.gg/eFyktXX

This server uses the machine cards, Machine Zeus, Machine Hera, and Machine Athena. They don’t split the dungeon requests into categories, and it’s a very friendly place. You can talk about random stuff happening in your life and request Arena runs in the same chat.

Do not look over here if you are looking to get one of the Machine cards. Please refer to the carry server to see what they can do. If you do NOT have the machine cards, do NOT join the server. They may not be too friendly to you. Just kidding, they’ll probably just ask you to leave for the time being until you grab one of the mechs.

Puzzle and Dragons Carry Server: https://discord.gg/w2B6KxX

Here’s the server full of friendly faces willing to carry you through dungeons. All the rules are stated there, so make sure to read them before requesting a carry. Also respect the carriers, they are using their stamina for you.

Need Myr but can’t do it by yourself? Want to clear Arena 1 for the first time? Try the server out, you might just find a solution.

Awoken Cao Cao PAD Server: discord.gg/eFyktXX

Heres the server for Cao Cao players. Unfortunatley, it’s not nearly as active as any of the others servers, and incomparable to Awoken Liu Bei in terms of player base size. It’s a small community, if you’re into that, so check it out if you play Cao Cao.

The server also carries guides on how to run popular dungeons, such as Zaerog Infinity, Linthia, and more.

Awoken Liu Bei PAD Server: https://discord.gg/FGcBdNt

Here’s the Liu Bei version of the Awoken Cao Cao server. It has much more people and also contains guides for popular dungeons. Awoken Liu Bei’s star sub, Dios, has better awakenings and more skill boosts compared to Awoke Cao Cao’s Surtr, so it’s understandable why more people are there.

Making Friends

There’s an option to private message specific people after you find them on a server. From there, you can come back to them later if you want to farm again. I have a few friends I regularly farm rougue dungeons, with and it’s nice to have them to farm things when nobody wants to from the main servers.

The longer you use Discord, the more people you’ll meet. Take advantage of this private chat system. Discord is also a great place to meet other players, so don’t take that part for granted either.

Final Tips

  • If you are going to post an ID, be specific on what you want. Need skill boosts? Specify in the message.
  • Use the correct categories
  • Different servers fill different needs
  • Make lots of friends
  • Use a secondary device if you can while running harder dungeons. Communication is key


In all honestly, without Discord I doubt I’d been where I am today. Discord was where I first got Machine Zeus, first began farming MP, first learned about the greatness of farming teams. Without the guidance from the players there, I’d likely be stuck back a few hundred ranks, ready to drop the game. Without Discord, nobody would be there to burn my stamina with me.

If you haven’t begun using Discord yet, definitely check it out. It’s a great resource for beginners and endgame players alike, and will be extremely helpful throughout your journey. Thank you for reading my guide, and I will see you all on my next post. Potato, out. 



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