[Ranking Dungeon] Elemental Brawl Tournament Strategy



Gungho has finally released the Elemental Brawl Tournament ranking dungeon in NA. If I recall correctly, it’s been already more than half a year since it came in JP. The delay doesn’t make much of a difference in our scores, because it is a ranking dungeon where your team is set already.

The ranking dungeon is judged based on time remaining, maximum damage, and average combos. Time remaining is usually the most important, giving you 500 points per second. Note that the difference between 0.5 percent and 1.1 percent can easily be less than 500 points. Next up is average combos, giving you 5000 points per combo, so shoot high! Maximum damage will give you up to 10,000 points for hitting 40 million, but with this fixed team you won’t be hitting 40 million anytime soon :P.

I’ve spent around 20 attempts in this ranking dungeons so far, and got a few decent scores. With this strategy guide I hope to help players hoping to get better numbers improve their score.

One mistake I made was thinking that this was a skill based dungeon. Don’t get me wrong, having skill surely increases your consistency, but in the end getting a high score will rely on RNG. You will likely need multiple runs to get a score you can settle with. 

Team Information


This team features a B/L Isis team, which was viable maybe 2 or 3 years ago :P. It doesn’t matter too much, because the dungeon really isn’t that hard, with the boss HP going slightly over 1 million. With the ideal run, you’ll be sweeping every stage with a fair amount of combos (7-8).

This team is a rainbow team, meaning the more colors you match, the higher your damage will go- up to 20.25. You can match all the colors including heals, and the multiplier scales like this: 3 colors for 9x, 4 colors for 12.5x, 5 colors for 16x, and all the colors + heal for 20.25x.

Awakening wise, the team isn’t too impressive. You only have 2 time extends from Dark Kali, meaning if you are’t used to comboing fast, this dungeon could be troublesome. Due to the low amount of time extends on the team, it is suggested to combo fast and use cascades when you can cut time down.

The water is heavily water based, with lots of your damage coming from Awoken Idunn&Idunna‘s double water TPA and Dark Kali’s single dark TPA. This is where most of your damage will be coming from. The two Isis also brings water orb enhance, meaning with a bit of luck your water damage will be boosted.

In terms of skills, your team consists of a board changer, water heartbreaker, green heartbreaker, and water/dark burst. The less skills you use, the better, but there are places where using a skill makes the run much less RNG based.

Dungeon Walkthrough

Floor 1


The first floor is the easiest, with three monsters showing up that have ~45k, 42k, and 170k HP. You should be spending the least time here. In my better runs, I’ll have the comboing portion of this floor done in around 6 seconds. You don’t want to spend more than 15 seconds before moving on, because time is such a huge factor in deciding your score.

Just combo hard, but the moment you realize the next combo you make is going to take more effort than the last few, drop (make sure you at least matched some though!) Let skyfall do the rest of the work. a water TPA or dark TPA should make this stage trivial to clear fast.

Floor 2

You have a choice here. If you’re going for spamming the dungeon until you get a perfect run, you can pop I&I or Siegfried here. This will actually get you a good amount of damage, and raise your max damage by quite a bit. It does lose around 500 points, but with enough luck you’ll gain it back through maximum damage. I did not do this, because I had a limited number of runs and did not want to push the RNG, but if that’s how you want to do the ranking dungeon, it’s a perfectly legitimate strategy. Just realize that the rest of the dungeon is going to be a tad harder.

Matching 12.25 with a water combo and around 5-6 combos will kill him. Water beats fire, if anybody’s wondering :).

Floor 3

This is honestly the most annoying stage there is. Green is resistant to water, so that means most of your damage is going to be cut in half. He has around 760k HP, meaning you’re going to need to deal a bit less than half of that with your water damage.

Once again, if you’re spamming runs, just match everything including water TPA and dark TPA until you get enough skyfalls or get a board good enough to kill. Popping skills will slow you down.

However, if you have a limited number of runs, judge based on the board. 20.25x with a water TPA will kill based on my experience, so if you’re good at improvisation matching, pop DKali if you don’t have the board and grab the first orb you see. It does take a good amount of skill and RNG to still hit the 20.25x, but I had around a 50% rate of killing with Dkali.

Just remember that 20.25x with a water TPA will kill. If you don’t have the board, consider popping one of the heartbreakers or even I&I to kill this stage and the next one.

Floor 4

This is the one high defense monster in the dungeon. And it’s not even that high of a defense stat. This dragon has around 31k HP and 170k defense, meaning you’ll want to hit for a bit over that, around 220k on one sub to kill.

If you have a water TPA and 16x, you’ll be able to kill easily. I&I’s TPAs will carry you through. If you don’t, you can take a gamble or pop one of your heartbreakers. If you decide to pop the green one, just make multiple green combos to kill. If you pop the water one, match multiple water TPAs and matches. Just judge the situation based on the board you get.

A lot of people over-exaggerate this stage, but if you can decide fast enough what to do based on your board, it’s actually not that hard.

Floor 5

Although this is a fixed dungeon, this stage yells “GET YO FREE RNG HERE!” at you. She jams up one color on the board, and if she takes away water…

One strategy is to wait to see what she changes, then deciding to match the board or popping Dark Kali. However, this is a huge waste of time. For something that happens only 1/6 of the time, I would take the risk. Spy a combo before she changes, and start matching the moment you can, despite what she changes. This will save you a lot of time and get you a higher score. Suck it up if she changes water, and smile the other 5/6 times. Unless you literally have a 15 combo average from the previous stages, just YOLO the match as fast as possible.

She has around 660k HP, meaning that dark TPAs and water TPAs will be carrying. Good luck.

Floor 6

This stage is the stage that has the 2nd least HP (250k). Even with a bad board killing him should be very possible. Treat him just like the previous stage, with the same strategy. Make as many combos as you can at a pace you can manage, then stop when it’s hard to keep that pace up. Also, if you haven’t yet, popping I&I here will allow it to carry through to the next stage as well.

Floor 7

Ha Dar, how you doing there? AHAHA I’m hilarious (kill me now). Now that I’ve disappointed you with a terrible pun, let me disappoint you even more as I tell you the last comment on this dungeon.

He has 1.1 million HP, which, with I&I, shouldn’t be troublesome to clear. If not, it will be around the same difficulty as stage 3 with the green dragon. Follow the same strategy as the green dragon stage. Hard comboing, hard TPAs, and lots of skyfall luck. I personally always popped I&I and the blue heartbreak on the last stage, but looking back after finishing, I don’t think that’s the best idea…

Tips and Tricks

  1. Please don’t score this high. Whatever you do, do NOT get above 121,600 points. It’s bad luck to get over that and your REM luck may be cursed forever. Just kidding, that’s my score and I’m done with this dungeon. Please don’t push me down :(. (It’s a joke, everyone. At least it’s better than my Hadar joke)
  2. Avoid Skills if Possible. If you’re going to hardcore keep doing the dungeon until everything falls into your favor, avoid every skill. Using skills does cut down your time by more than you may expect.
  3. Use cascades. It makes the time you combo shorten by a lot. Maybe if I was better at cascading I’d use it more.
  4. Plan ahead. If you aren’t hardcore going for the perfect run, decide which skills to use before you can actually use the skills. Fast thinking based on your current situation is the key to success in this dungeon.
  5. Take breaks. If you realize you’ve been getting a ton of bad runs in a row, take a break. Your frustration will always have a play in your preformance. Just stay positive.
  6. Practice rainbow teams. If you’re too used to having lots of time extends with Ra Dragon or only play Pandora teams, practice in endless with a rainbow team with similar time extends.
  7. Turn off ‘Skills’. If you go into Other>Options>Dungeon>Skills, and turn it off. It means that the skill will automatically activate instead of showing a menu giving a description. I know most people already know about this, but for the people that don’t, it can be a huge help.
  8. Make your friends do it for you. If your friends are better than you at PAD, bribe then with something and make them do it for you. ALL IS FAIR IN THE NAME OF RECEIVING THE CROWN! If your friends are worse than you at PAD, make them do it anyways. Laugh at them when they fail, and you’ll get a much better score because of your boosted confidence. (Just kidding not really kidding)

Personal Runs

I selected some of my runs with scores better than the rest and decided to share them here. I also did a few runs on my friend’s phones. One of them was nice enough to send the screenshot I took. The other one said “You didn’t even get top 1% loser, not sending :D” and another one saw the message but didn’t reply. I have great friends.


Run for a friend. Got a ton of water skyfalls on the fire stage.


My highest score. Decent time, combo, and max damage.


Another run. I got a better time and more max damage, but the average combo was a good amount less.



My average combo dragged the score down. Comboing is important…

In conclusion, I’m unsure if my score will get me a crown. I’m currently at 0.4%, but if the whales decide to RNG their way through tomorrow, I could be in trouble.


I did a quick search on Youtube and pulled some results off the first page. Search 闘会議杯 on Youtube to find more videos on this dungeon.


I hope that this guide was helpful for you if you wanted to shoot for a higher score. Comment your scores below and if I helped you out at all!

If you have any feedback about my content or formatting, please comment below or message me on Discord at Potato*PAD. Feedback is always nice to have.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog, and I hope that your score continues as my writing continues to as well :V. Cheers!



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